A Preview of Slowfire Pistol’s EP Release Show

Located in downtown Atlanta, Eyedrum is a local music venue and art gallery for art and music enthusiasts alike. Photo by Justin Clay | The Signal

Atlanta-based screamo band Slowfire Pistol is having a show to release their EP, “Moment of Clarity” and have added a wide range of acts to the show. Atlanta’s young and old are represented at the show, which is being held at Eyedrum Downtown. Here is a highlight of the bands playing.

Slowfire Pistol – the cause for the celebration is due to the release of this band’s EP. Taking cues from more heavy-handed screamo bands like Joshua Fit for Battle but with all the pretty sections of bands like Kidcrash, Slowfire Pistol has crafted a unique brand of screamo all their own. This is partly due to the magnitude of the members’ past work. Past and current bands represented by members of Slowfire Pistol include Foundation, Antpile, Criminal Instinct, Abuse of Power, Gordan, and the list goes on. The combined passion for the music they make makes their live show a sight to see, with guitarist Ben Jordan and bass player Lucky Hunter going wild while drummer Blake Hall calmly shreds through the songs. Hank Pratt, singer and guitar player, leads them by singing songs for love and against injustice. Their newest EP, Moment of Clarity, will be played at the show, and it is something not to be missed.

Arbor Labor Union – Arbor Labor Union is a band that is difficult to describe because the band would be hard to understand by anyone other than its members. Arbor Labor Union drones and drones, hitting melodic peaks and trenches. A bit of post-punk, with a twist of southern style riffs, it is roots music played through a distortion pedal. Arbor Labor Union’s live emissions can not be watched, but they must be absorbed.

Axis and Yashira: touring off Axis’ new record, “Shift”, these two bands represent total sonic annihilation. Taking cues from ‘90s metalcore bands and molding it to their own, Axis takes their songs, speeds them up and twists them. Heavy and intricate riffs back to back and a vocal delivery to match, Axis is a band to see. Both bands hailing from Florida, Yashira is a match made in Heaven for Axis. Matching Axis’ sonic assault, Yashira is a bit more off-the-rails. Heavy is a good word to start with, but Yashira is smart enough to distract the listener from the fact that their face is melting off.

TNT: A new group playing faster hardcore in the vein of Shark Attack and early 2000’s hardcore groups. They’re opening the show and will leave an impression with songs off their EP “World Domination” which is out on Bandcamp now.

Eyedrum is located Downtown at 88 Forsyth St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303 and the event will be on Friday, Feb. 9, 2018 starting at 9 P.M.