Parking: A guide to student parking in downtown Atlanta

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Whether students live on camps or commute each day, choosing a place to park that is affordable and conveniently located can be a challenge.

Below are updated descriptions on a variety of parking options to help students find spaces near campus:

On-Campus GSU Affiliated Student Parking Decks: G Deck, K Deck, N Deck, S Deck, T Deck, M Deck, Lofts Deck, Patton Hall, Greek Housing and Piedmont North

G, K, M, N, S, T Decks:

$7 for visitors (students without a parking permit)

$4.50 per entry with valid parking permit

$3.50 per entry with valid Parking Budget Card

$2.25 per entry after 4 p.m. with valid parking permit

$90 per month (for Lofts, Patton Hall, Greek Housing and Piedmont North residents)

$215 per semester (for M Deck, T Deck, or Lofts Deck for non-residents)

Parking permits or parking budget cards can be purchased from Auxillary and Support Services in the University Center.

Students pay a one-time fee for a semester of parking with permits. On the other hand, a budget card is re-loadable, allowing students to add money for parking when they need it.

Students may also park in the Blue Lot at Turner Field with a valid parking permit, but must remove their vehicles from the lot by 5 p.m. on game days in order to make room for those attending the game. A shuttle transports students to and from the lot between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. Monday–Friday.

Specific days render this parking lot unusable by Georgia State students. Students should check the Turner Field parking schedule for questions regarding lot closings.

Streetside Parking

Students who want to pay for parking on a day-to-day basis can take advantage of the curbside parking available throughout campus. These are marked with parking machines with a blue P on them. Curbside spaces can be found on Gilmer Street and Courtland Street surrounding Hurt Park.

Free curbside parking can be found outside of The Lofts and along Auburn Street near the Georgia State Welcome Center. However, parking meters are now being constructed at both locations.

Downtown street parking is free Sundays.

John Wesley Dobbs Avenue (near University Commons and Piedmont North)

1. Lanier Parking Lot

Address: 214 John Wesley Dobbs Avenue

Price: $5 all day ($1 increase from last year)/$65 monthly

Description: Large open lot located across the street from University Commons toward J.W. Dobbs and Jesse Hill Drive. It is a 10 minute walk from campus.

2. Shell Gas Station

Address: 160 J.W. Dobbs Ave.

Price: $3 for parking less than 5 hours/$5 for anything more

Description: The gas station is located directly across the street from the main entrance of University Commons. There are limited spaces (up to 10).

3. LAZ Parking Lot

Address: 140 J.W. Dobbs Ave.

Price: $3 Early Bird Special (before 9 a.m.; $1 decrease since last year)/$5 all day afterwards.

Description: Located just up the street from Shell station about 200 feet.

4. Central Parking Lot

Address: 141 J.W. Dobbs Ave.

Price: $4 all day/$65 monthly.

Description: Located across the street from the LAZ Parking Lot

5. Parking Company of America (Panther Lot)

Address: 145 J.W. Dobbs Ave.

Price: $5 all day

Description: This lot is attached to the Central Parking lot on the side that faces Aderhold.

6. LAZ Parking

Address: 85 J.W. Dobbs Ave.

Price: $3 for 0-2 hours/$5 for 2+ hours

Description: Located near the intersection of J.W. Dobbs and Courtland Ave.

7. Parking Company of America

Price: $6 all day

Description: Located at the intersection of J.W. Dobbs and Peachtree Center Ave.

Peachtree Center Avenue

1. AAA Parking

Address: 44 Peachtree Center Avenue

Price: $4 all day.

Description: Turn on to Peachtree Center Ave. from J.W. Dobbs; the lot is about 50 feet down the road.

2. Parking Company of America

Address: Approx. 48 Peachtree Center Ave.

Price: $5.50 all day

Description: About 50 feet down the road from AAA Parking lot.

Auburn Avenue

1. Parking Company of America/Georgia Bookstore

Address: 141 Auburn Avenue

Price: $5 all day

Description: Located behind the Georgia Bookstore; about five to eight minute walking distance from campus.

2. The Loudermilk Center/Boys and Girls Club Metro Atlanta

Address: Parking Deck entrance located at approximately 63 Auburn Ave.

Price: $5 for 0-2 hours/$10 for 2-4 hours/$12 for 4+ hours

Description: Located about 50 feet away from the intersection of Peachtree Center Ave. and Auburn Ave. facing main campus. Meters are also available for curbside parking.

Wall Street and Decatur Street

Decatur Street and Wall Street offer parking options in close proximity to Classroom South and Langdale Hall. However, these locations are more expensive than parking lots further away.

12. Decatur Street Parking

Address: 45 Decatur Street

Price: $4 for 0-1 hours/$7 for 1-2 hours/$9 for 2-4 hours/$11 for 4-8 hours/$13 for 8-12 hours/$5 on weekends ($1 down from last year).

Description: Located across the street from Walter’s Clothing Shop and directly across from Classroom South.

13. AAA Parking Garage

Address: 47 Decatur Street

Price: $6 all day

Description: Located across from the Natural Science Center

14. Lower Wall Street Parking Garage Underpass

Address: 15 Lower Wall Street

Price: $4

Description: Located under Wall Street, behind Hot Dog Shop near Langdale Hall.


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