Panthers want a new creative media major

Photo by Matt Siciliano-Salazar | The Signal

Georgia State is one of the most versatile universities in the nation, ranking as the second-most innovative university according to the U.S. News & World Report. Modern programs are quick to catch popularity among students, which is especially true about the animation program. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, animators are in high demand, and employment is projected to increase by 4% by 2029. 

The program is currently under the game design major, where students learn to combine game arts with advanced technology to create and conceptualize designs for video games. Students have options of taking 3D animation courses offered by the university but only to obtain a game design degree. 

Many want more than just a few animation classes however. The only program similar to an animation degree is the graphic design concentration within the Ernest G. Welch School of Arts and Design. There have been conversations about the program potentially transitioning into a separate major under the College of the Arts. 

Junior Rayan Ahmedy is a computer and information science major who is extremely supportive of Georgia State for creating an independent animation major. 

“Computers, coding and programming are the future of all jobs not only in this country, but the entire world,” Ahmedy said. “Having an extra major offered revolving around design and technology is something so many students would definitely enjoy. Animation is more than just video games, so a separate major for the skill is definitely a great idea.”

Senior Nathan Rapier is a game design major who also supports the creation of an animation major. 

“I feel that the field is definitely growing in importance,” he said. “The marketplace for  people to use their skills is increasing and Georgia State is in a unique position to supply graduates to meet that demand.”

Although many are thrilled with the idea, there have been some bumps along the way. 

“I haven’t heard much talk about the creation of a new program,” Rapier said. “I just heard that they are reconstructing the program.”

Not many students are knowledgeable of animation at the university. Because many offices on campus are closed, getting in touch with advisement to receive information on the topic is very difficult.

Students are left to find their desired information on their own, which can be quite tricky. Since the major is in the early stages of development, there’s not much online information concerning the university’s plans to create the program. 

There is no arguing the high level of interest concerning the program and its potential of being one of Georgia State’s most popular majors. However, until the university can create a solid foundation and create valued steps, the idea will continue to entrance many students waiting for the program’s future.

“I took an animation class at Georgia State and I genuinely enjoyed it,” Ahmedy said. It was interesting to learn more about the process of animation and see how the technology worked. I feel like an animation major would work really well for both the university and its students.”