Panthers achieve victory over Golden Eagles

eorgia State women’s basketball snapped a three-game losing skid with a 72-60 victory over the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles Saturday at the Sports Arena.

“They kept plugging away and kept trying to make things happen, and practiced hard, and really focused on what it is we want to do,” Head coach Sharon Baldwin-Tener said. “So, I was proud that we were able to protect our home court today.”

Leading the way in the winning effort was Brittany Logan who finished with 19 points and 16 rebounds.

“I think one of the greatest things about Brittany today was she didn’t pick up her first foul until deep in the second half,” Baldwin-Tener said. “I think that makes a difference. There has been some games where she’s picked them up really quickly and I think it’s been hard for her to get in the flow of the game. I thought, today, she did a phenomenal job.”

Both teams began the first half slow as the first three minutes of the game included a plethora of turnovers, miscommunication, and missed shots. This included on the first possession of the game where Brittany Logan missed what have been a clear layup.

The first score came when Golden Eagles’ Candace Parson made one out of two free throws after being fouled by Haley Gerrin. Later in the game, a layup by Gerrin would put the Panthers on the board.

After a Parson layup that placed Tennessee Tech back in front, Georgia State went ahead by three at 6˗3 with four consecutive points by Ashlee Cole.

The Panthers maintained their three point advantage prior to a layup by Hannah Goolsby to bring the Golden Eagles 8˗7. Cole upped her point total to six with a midrange jumper that was followed shortly by a three-point basket by Morgan Jackson giving Georgia State an advantage to 13-7.

The run became 9-2 for the Panthers with layups by Kayla Nolan and Brittany Logan. The two points for Tennessee Tech came courtesy of a Parson layup. One made free throw from Logan and a Logan layup made the tally 20˗9 in favor of Georgia State.

The margin of their lead would be maintained as the score became 22-11. A jumper by Samaria Howard was followed by a three pointer from Makeba Ponder to bring the score 25-13.

The score was 27-15 in favor of the Panthers in the closing seconds prior to Howard making a midrange jumper.

Second Half

The Panthers and Golden Eagles would trade the first pair of baskets to begin the second half with both Tennessee Tech scores coming from Parson. Nolan’s second field goal of the game was followed by three from Goolsby to bring the Golden Eagles within nine at 33-24.

The next two minutes would see the Panthers embark on a 6-0 run to increase their lead 39-24. Tennessee Tech answered with four with a layup from Yaktavia Hickson and two made free throws by Parson after being fouled by Kennesha Nichols. This brought the score 39-28 in favor of Georgia State.

Ashley Watson was fouled on an inbounds attempt by Hickson on an inbounds pass from Ashlee Cole. Her pair of made free throws made the score 41-28. Asia Harper was charged with a foul against Nolan, who would make her two free throws. The score was 43-28, Panthers.

A Hickson three was followed later by a layup by Nolan. Mariah Dean then fouled Logan under the basket as she made a layup that placed her at the line. Logan would convert on her ensuing free throw to bring the score 48-31.

After a foul charged to Watson placing Howard at the line, she made one of two free throws making the score 48-32.

Georgia State maintained their 16 point lead as the score became 50-34 as the tempo of the game slowed once again with both teams being called for fouls. The Golden Eagles would embark on a 5-0 run with all five points coming courtesy of free throws. Howard made three and Tia Nicholson made a pair of free throws after a foul was charged to Logan.

The Panthers answered with a 6-0 run that included a layup and three-point basket from Ponder as she upped her point total to 12. The Georgia State advantage became 56-39.

With the score at 58-41, Ponder was charged with a foul placing Parson at the line. A three by Goolsby made the score 58-45 before Howard fouled Gerrin, who made one of two free throws. After a layup by Nicholson, a foul charged to Parson placing Watson at the line as she made one of two free throws to make the score 60-47.

The score became 62-47 as Watson made two more free throws after being fouled by Hickson. The game’s next two baskets came courtesy of a Ponder layup and a three-point shot from Catherine Taylor, prompting a timeout from the Golden Eagles.

The game’s following baskets would come from free throws as Howard made one and Nolan made a pair. The score became 66-52 and the Panthers’ fourteen-point lead was maintained as the score became 68-54.

Off a jump shot by Howard, both teams made two more free throws as the score became 70-58. The 12-point lead was maintained to the end of the game as the Panthers prevailed 72-60.

The Panthers will take the court Friday to kick off the Holiday and Hoops Classic with a late afternoon matchup against Massachusetts at the Sports Arena.


Final Stats
Georgia State Tennessee Tech stats
Logan: 19 points, 16 rebounds< Ponder: 16 points
Parson: 18 points, ten rebounds Howard: 14 points, 11 rebounds