October horoscopes for every star sign

Celebrations honoring the dead take place all over the world. The Day of the Dead, or Día de Muertos, begins on Oct. 31 and ends on Nov. 2, after Hispanic Heritage Month has already ended. 

La Día corresponds with the Catholic religious observance called Allhallowtide, comprising All Hallows’ Eve (hence “Halloween”), All Saints’ Day on Nov. 1 and All Souls’ Day on Nov. 2. 

Coincidentally, these observances all fall in Scorpio. Scorpio is one of the most intense and mysterious signs. On this originally Mexican holiday, families gather to honor the memory of fallen loved ones.



Deep discussions with friends will touch on inner thoughts and push Aries to a place of self-discovery. This energy will be largely positive, encouraging and well received. Keep this feeling in mind because it will be hard to remain optimistic these next coming weeks.



Work and school have found themselves being a hinderance in daily life. Tasks are becoming more difficult and time-intensive. Escape burnout by relishing in some self-care or exploring a new place with good people.



The subtle changes happening in life are all a part of a bigger picture. Finally, Gemini is feeling right at home with the pace of school and work. Set healthy boundaries at work to ensure success without distraction.



Setting aside distractions will allow a steady stream of innovative ideas to flow. Cancer shouldn’t be one to partake in any water cooler gossip. Even in this charming and social season, don’t get caught up in “he said, she said.”



Libra season is a productive and lively time for Leo. Work is amazing and school is moving along swimmingly. Striving forward with the right strategy will only help manage the workload. Friendships will be emboldened.



Like many of the other signs, Libra marks a season of self-growth for Virgo. Pay close attention to those who bring peace or chaos to the table. Knee-jerk reactions from the wrong kind of people will never end well.



Oddly enough, Libra may not feel the most productive. It’s okay to not meet every goal, within reason. Concentration is being divided between several things but use your talents wisely. Minor setbacks will teach the importance of balance.



This month will be very enlightening for Scorpio. Libra season is doing its thing and that is definitely messing with Scorpio’s inner rhythm. Don’t sacrifice your balance for a good time with friends.



Bouncing around from friend group to friend group is what Sagittarius is known for. It’s important to use those social skills to achieve things. Want a new job? Network! Don’t let a lack of enthusiasm and procrastination negatively impact any big goals.



Some mild excitement is keeping work and school interesting for the time being. For once, Capricorn feels stable without any worries in the world. Now would be a nice time to call Grandma or any other loved ones that feel forgotten.



Starting off the month in an Air sign feels comfortable. Those around you may be struggling; however, it’s important to note that unsolicited advice isn’t always welcome. There’s healing to be done at this time so be patient with friends. 



Embrace moments of seclusion during this chatty season. Be flexible with the way that things are going. The constant fluctuation is good! Life is a rollercoaster, so this only proves that Pisces can handle anything.