October 22nd Horoscope



Much like Aries, the antagonist of the “Child’s Play is rebellious, impulsive and charming. At first glance, he is as innocent as they come in his striped shirt and jean overalls. But it’s after dark when Chucky reveals his true psychotic nature. His self-centered and intrepid nature leads him on a killing spree after he transfers his soul into the body of a doll. Aries is a child at heart, so it’s only fitting to dress up as a child’s best friend or worst nightmare. 




You are undoubtedly the only one in your friend group attempting to organize coordinating Halloween costumes. Your reliabiblity is what they love the most about you. Ultimately, you settled on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! Your focused and loyal tenacity is what helped pull all of this together. You’re the glue that holds the rest of the group in place. I guess that makes you Tony Stark? 



Wednesday Addams.

An oldie but a goodie that is perfectly reachable if you own anything black! This moody teenager is often depicted in an obsidian dress with long pigtails. Throughout the many formats that we have seen Wednesday, she’s displayed both good and chaotic personalities, which makes her a perfect candidate for Geminis.



Misty Day.

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in your own swamp and dancing around to Fleetwood Mac, this one’s for you. All you need is a black top hat and a boho thrifted find. She may not be our next Supreme but Misty Day is a force to be reckoned with. She’s an eccentric, spiritual, old soul looking for a coven to call her own. She’s sentimental, generous and poetically minded like any Cancer.



Regina George. 

The early 2000s Queen Bee that everyone loves to hate! Regina George is a 16-year-old high school student with popularity and status. She hits all of Leo’s most notable traits right on the head: powerful, authoritative and stylish. The leader of The Plastics ruled the school in various pink outfits, and for her own Halloween party, she arrived in a bunny costume. Surely, that’s easy enough to do it yourself.



Daenerys Targaryen.

Polite, well-spoken and filled with a fiery determination, the Mother of Dragons was quite the dynamic character in “Game of Thrones.” She won some impressive victories and remained confident and ruthless until the end. Her most notable feature is, of course, her stark white hair. A long maxi dress or robe would complete the final look. 



Bob Ross.

The accidental pioneer of ASMR, he never intended for his show to be watched as a way to wind down from the stresses of life. Bob painted “happy little trees” on his television show and now you can channel that same dad energy. He often wore a blue button-down shirt and holding a painter’s palette. This wholesome costume will be all the rage at your next Halloween soiree. 



The Joker.

This emotional, maniacal and over-the-top criminal mastermind is a perfect fit for Scorpio. His main goal is to cause tragedies so that Batman will either like him or kill him — whichever comes first. That feeds right into Scorpio’s manipulative, secretive and destructive tendencies. Corrupt your next Halloween party in clown make-up and purple attire. I’m sure no one will spot the difference.



Harley Quinn.

You forgot Halloween was just around the corner, but that’s nothing that a few tutorials won’t fix. Harley Quinn is blindly loyal, just like you. She’s a little crazy but all the best villians are! No matter what you wear, the staple here is the eye shadow and pigtails. This costume isn’t much of a throwback because of the new movie releasing next year. You’ll fit right in with the Joker!




Disney’s magical remake of this 90s classic was much anticipated! There shouldn’t be any issues scoring a lion onesie or headband. Who better to be Simba than a Capricorn? When Simba’s father is killed, he is exiled into the jungle. Self-discipline, patience and ambition turns a cub into the King of the Jungle. Capricorn is no stranger to that. 



Maddy Perez.

This American Beauty is the main character in the first season of “Euphoria.” This former beauty pageant contestant exudes Big Aquarius Energy because she’s lazy, stylish, combative and painfully intuitive. Her colorful 90’s inspired makeup and unreal outfits make her “Euphoria’s” showstopper. Pull your trendiest threads out your closet to achieve that same aesthetic. 



Scoops Ahoy.

The budding friendship between Steve and Robin was arguably the best thing to happen in Season 3 of “Stranger Things.” This costume is super do-it-yourself, especially for best friends. These nautically themed employees were wholesome and dependable all season long. All you need are matching striped shirts and tiny sailor hats!