New University Advisement Center Opens

The University Advisement Center will officially open its doors to students on Feb. 18 on the 13th and 14th floors at 25 Park Place.

The center will consist of over 60 advisors and will be available to only freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.

“We will have advisors in every major all in one location so that the student won’t get bounced around to different locations across campus…and won’t have a long wait,” said Dr. Timothy Renick, Georgia State’s vice provost and chief enrollment officer.

The center’s opening week events will include Open Advisement followed by Meet and GreetWeek, Feb. 25-28, which includes two Breakfast with Your Advisor and Study Break Snack sessions.

Carol Cohen, University Advisement Center Director, says three things every student should ask their advisor are 1) Am I progressing in my major?, 2) Are the courses I’m registered for now and the courses I’m thinking about registering for in the future moving me towards my graduation?, and 3) Are there any resources that I’m not taking advantage of that are available to me?