New academic appointments announced for Perimeter College

Peter Lyons|Georgia State University
Peter Lyons|Georgia State University

The Georgia State University and Georgia Perimeter College consolidation has been on the minds of the Panther family, and there are some new alterations that will affect both faculty and students.

Peter Lyons, vice provost and dean of Georgia State University’s Perimeter College, released on June 17 the names of faculty who have different academic appointment and assignments as a result of the merger.

Barbara Robertson said she is adjusting the new faculty placements.

“I think many of us are still trying to figure this out, and that will continue over the next academic year. However, I am looking forward to the coordination within divisions and disciplines across campuses that I believe will happen as a result,” Robertson, a professor at Perimeter College, said.

There are several new division and department chairs for the Perimeter campuses. Among them include the newly appointed associate dean for the Clarkston Campus Maggie Ehrlich who is in charge of overseeing the college’s online programs.

The previous Clarkston Campus Associate Dean Susan Cody-Rydzewski has been assigned as associate dean for the Dunwoody Campus and will also continue as associate dean of social sciences.

“I had a few reservations, such as those regarding the continuation of all Perimeter’s current campuses and the continuation of current faculty positions, but overall I was excited for new opportunities,” Robertson said.

The full list of all new appointments and assignments, provided for by Lyons is available on the Georgia State website.

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