MyForce App: The app that gives you peace of mind

Cost: Free
Cost: Free


A Colorado-based security company developed an app that allows users to discreetly alert authorities if they’re in danger. The app, called MyForce, can be especially useful for college students walking back from a late night at the library. Users can open the app anytime they feel unsafe- whether walking to their cars at night or being in an unfamiliar area. The app is simpler than calling 911 because the user won’t have to talk to an operator or let an attacker know that they’ve called for help. Users can get assistance with just the touch of a button.

When you push the alert button, the app immediately does three things: It dims your phone’s screen so if you are being attacked, your attacker won’t be able to see that you’ve alerted anyone of danger. It also begins recording. If you say key words like “no,” “help” or “stop,” the operators at MyForce will expedite the process of getting you help. Lastly, the app begins to track your exact location the moment the alert button is pressed. If the operator isn’t able to evaluate your situation based on sound, an operator will call the user directly to make sure they are safe.

You must set a “safe” word on your app so the operator can confirm it’s you on the phone and that you are, indeed, safe. If you give an operator an incorrect safe word, they will immediately notify emergency responders.

In addition, the app allows you to enter personal information about yourself that may assist MyForce in getting you help, including emergency contact numbers, physical description and any health issues the user may have. Once MyForce has gotten you necessary assistance, the operators will alert your emergency contacts.

The app, for iPhone, Blackberry and Andriod devices, costs $11.99 a month. According to the website testimonials, the app has made many college students feel safer and many parents feel more secure knowing that their children can get help with the touch of a button if they run into trouble.