Music and motivation a one-on-one with Justin Roberts

Music holds a large influence in many people’s lives as a source of motivation, relaxation and a way to set their mood. 

For athletes, this fascination of music is often focused on being able to set the tone for game preparation and performance, to remain focused and enhance game-play. Both factors are crucial to an athlete’s performance on and off the court.

Redshirt sophomore Justin Roberts definitely agrees with this sentiment as he goes into detail about the influence music has had on his athletic career and how it currently helps him prepare in a sit-down interview.

Kristy Rivera: When did music start to influence your athletic career?

Justin Roberts: Around 6th grade because that is when I really got into music, specifically the hip hop and rap genre.

KR: What song currently helps you get pumped up for game days?

JR: I would have to say “Ocean Views” by Nipsey Hussle because of the message it has of struggling and being successful in the marathon that is life. This song also just reminds me that every day is a stepping stone towards my end goal.

KR: What are must-haves on your workout playlist?

JR: The playlist all depends on my mood because usually, it can range from old/new age hip hop to something more calm such as r&b. 

KR: How do you decide what makes it onto your workout playlist?

JR: I focus on the sound, specifically the beat, and what the artist is saying in their lyrics and how it can help to motivate me. These are usually the factors that go into what makes it onto my playlist.

KR: Currently who is your favorite artist right now?

JR: I would have to say that it’s a tie between NBA Youngboy and Nipsey Hussle. NBA is one of my favorites because he is unapologetically himself and is able to express that. Nipsey, on the other hand, represents motivation to me and the fact that he was able to influence so many people in his lifetime and currently is fascinating to me.

KR: Is there a specific genre of music that you gravitate towards over others?

JR: I would say that it falls between r&b and hip-hop. More specifically old r&b and hip hop.

KR: Does music affect your mood prior to training or playing in a game, if so in what way?

JR: Yeah it often influences the way I think and that is why I choose to listen to artists with a message in their music. Some games depending on my mood I might also choose to not listen to anything and just focus. Music just helps me to remain motivated and in a focused mindset.

KR: Does the team bond over music, and if so, are there any shared playlists?

JR: We usually have a shared interest in the same genre but not specifically artists. Our focus on what we listen to in the music also varies because some of us focus on the message while others focus on the beat or the vibes in the music.