Campus News

Patterson reaches agreement for Commencement

May 16, 2018 Will Solomons 0

After meeting with Georgia State’s Division of Student Affairs and speaking with Georgia State University President Mark Becker, graduating students within the College of Arts and Sciences are now getting the recognition that they had […]


SGA candidates debated stances to an empty room

March 29, 2018 James Fox 0

Student leader hopefuls debated in front of an empty room last week, where Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Vice President, Speaker of the Senate and Presidential candidates, along with senators, debated on their stances. As […]

Campus News

SGA faces pushback on GILEE opinion resolution

March 26, 2018 Ada Wood 0

A controversial Student Government Association resolution, which was slipped onto the March 14 agenda at the last minute, attracted unwanted attention from university officials early Friday morning. The opinion resolution urges the university to withdraw […]

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