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6lack shows out at Georgia State

April 13, 2019 Daniel Varitek 0

Spotlight’s headlining event, PantherPalooza, made a staunch return to Georgia State’s sports arena on April 11, 2019 as it featured Atlanta artist 6lack. This particular PantherPalooza stands out amongst the others as for the first […]

Arts & Living

The Death (or Life) of Subgenres

February 5, 2019 Daniel Varitek 0

Subgenres are important, combining pre-existing genres, pushing their limits or creating an otherwise unidentifiable sound. Labels have historically used genres to narrow their consumer base, but today, with the rise of social media and independent […]

Arts & Living

You’re not the only one with a sad playlist

February 3, 2019 Daniel Varitek 0

From GOTHBOICLIQUE to James Blake, many artists in recent years have shown to be in opposition to joyous composition, substituting positive tracks with more melancholy tunes. Researchers at the University of California-Irvine performed a study […]

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