Molly is the New Black


Who’s taking up the spotlight and bringing sexy back? None other than Miss Molly.

Most college students are at least aware of Molly by now. If you haven’t heard the notorious line “Popped a  Molly I’m sweatin, Whew!” by Trinidad James in his hit single All Gold Everything, you’ve been living under a rock with no wifi.

Many other rap and pop stars both have name dropped Molly. Jeezy, T.I., French Montana, Future, Travis Porter, even Madonna just to name a few. But are we to attribute today’s superstars for putting Molly on the map?

First, let’s consider the background. MDMA, a type of ecstasy, has been dubbed the street name Molly. And that’s agreeably more attractive. When you think of MDMA, you think of those drugs you might have seen in the HBO series The Wire. Nobody wants to be associated with those fiends and J’s. But Molly, she’s branded and marketed differently. Kind of cute. Some capsules might even have a smiley face imprint and resemble kids’ Vitamin C.

I took this trending topic to my peers in what turned out to be an amusing discussion about Molly.

Initially, I approached mostly smokers on campus. Some of their responses were quite comical. One, a classmate of mine, responded, “Do I look like I do drugs?” after taking a drag of her cig. We amusingly both laughed. Then she suggested, “instead of directly asking people what they know, why not ask ‘Have you seen Molly?’” I took her advice, and things only got more interesting.

When I asked the next passerby, I could tell this wasn’t the first time he’d been asked this question. Looking up, off into space, he lingered on the word “no” while trying to jog his memory. Unable to pinpoint her, he proposed “But I might be able to find her.” That’s what I’m talking about! Even though I had no real intention of making a transaction, I appreciate when students look out for each other.

Another person I later approached appeared, in my opinion, an unlikely candidate to have any knowledge of Molly’s whereabouts. And even though I was right, you know what they say, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” When asked, the studious book wielder responded “No, but have you seen Adderall?” Unfortunately for them, I had not, but courteously passed on the earlier response I received “No, but might be able to find her.”

I asked several other people, even put up a post on Facebook. Eventually, like the Colts, luck came through. Not sure whether I was surprised, a couple former classmates of mine were willing to discuss their one night extravaganza with Molly.

One of the three volunteers, a gentleman, actually recorded himself on video. It was extremely unamusing. The other two, both ladies, expressed being in “deep thought.” “Like Confucius?” I asked. Turns out, it was more like confusion. They described their thought process as being stuck in a “trance.”

Their stories belittled my enthusiasm and interest in Molly. With the exception of one of the ladies, who openly admitted Molly to have certain affects on her. How should I censor this? Well, you know, it makes ya sweat. Let’s just say she was really thirsty.

But, what they all had in common, was the reason behind doing it. Yes, their music of choice did influence their decision.

Now, Is this true for all users? Probably not. But it does go to show how much contribution these artist have made towards Molly’s campaign. Mary Jane, Christina Aguilera, and Lucy have never really needed much PR, but Molly’s definitely taking a bit of their shine and is in the limelight right now. Will she stick around or will this just be her fifteen minutes of fame?