Mercury signs: Finding the perfect show for you

School is in session, and so is binge-watching season. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and can’t choose what you want to watch, using your Mercury sign can help you pick the perfect TV show. 

Mercury signs answer questions regarding how we communicate, absorb and exchange information and make decisions. 

Your mercury sign placement can be found on your birth chart and is a great resource to reference when looking at this guide.

To start things off, we will be looking at Aries Mercury placements. 

If your Mercury is in Aries, you tend to make quick choices and seek instant gratification. You do not spend much time thinking things over, and you tend to miss out on them by being impatient. The perfect show to keep you engaged is “Black Mirror.”

The series follows different scenarios across various worlds that often take a look at societal problems. One episode alone can feel like a series as each episode has a different plot. 

Next up is Taurus Mercury placements. 

If your Mercury is in Taurus, you tend to take longer to make decisions or start new projects. But once you’ve started, you see it through to completion. As a result, “The Office” is the perfect show for you.

The series begins a little slow, but it gets really interesting once it picks up in the second season. You’ll find yourself genuinely enjoying all of the quirky employees in Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

Gemini Mercury placements follow suit, and they tend to be more scattered and quick with responses. 

The perfect show to fit this personality is “Girlfriends,” a comedy series that follows four witty friends in Los Angeles as they navigate everyday drama. The show can feel all over the place, but the drama and sass leave room for you to find yourself through the characters. 

If your Mercury is in Cancer, you are on the sensitive side. 

You tend to communicate your feelings and be thoughtful toward others. The perfect series choice for you is “Gossip Girl,” a fictional drama series set in New York that follows high schoolers at a private school as they face relationship drama and scandals. 

Following up next are Leo Mercury placements. 

Leo placements tend to be on the authoritative side. They think more about the big picture rather than focusing on small details. “Glow” is the perfect show for you. The show focuses on the world of women’s wrestling, focusing on the female wrestlers themselves rather than the complexities and outside factors of the show. 

Last but not least is Virgo. 

Virgo Mercury placements enjoy compliments on their intellect, and they often get thrown off by disorganization. The perfect show for this placement is “Criminal Minds,” a crime drama series centered on solving mysteries and follows an organized structure and plot interesting enough to keep you intrigued.