Meet the New Spotlight Executive Board

Submitted by Spotlight Programs Board

The Spotlight Programs Board’s 2018-19 year has come to an end, and the torches have been passed on to new leadership following their elections. 

William Holley, the former Spotlight executive director, was involved in Spotlight for two years before passing the torch to Joliyana Riddick as the new executive director. Holley has also transitioned over to a leadership position at The Signal as the digital editor. Cyndi Adams, the former associate director, was succeeded by Cedricka Davis. 

“The plans are to stay connected to the Georgia State student body and to put a new spin on old programs,” Riddick said.

For the upcoming year, Spotlight plans to collaborate with Atlanta United and increase the number of Plaza events. Riddick said there will be a bigger push on social media under the new leadership.

A major emphasis over the previous year for Holley was to bring inclusiveness to Perimeter campuses.

“Our Perimeter campuses each have activities boards that together are known as PAC (Panthers Activity Council),” Holley said. “We work in conjunction with them on some of our large university-wide events like Homecoming and Spring Fling Week.”

The Atlanta campus hosts some of the larger events, but students from all campuses are welcome to attend any activities regardless of location, as they are funded by student fees.

Students on the Atlanta campus pay $53.50 and students on Perimeter campuses pay $45 a semester, each toward the student activity fee. Holley said a portion of this fee is what funds Spotlight’s budget.

“Given the number of students and the quantity of events, both small and large, that Spotlight organizes each year, it is safe to say Spotlight’s budget will remain within the six figure range at least,” Holley said.

Riddick joined Spotlight on the membership committee as the retention engagement lead, which focused on keeping volunteers and incentivizing them for their volunteer work. She also came up with and implemented their hours of participation.

Riddick has already been involved in Spotlight for two years and is thinking of changing her major to hospitality and event planning from actuarial science because of it.

She is also prioritizing the internal growth of Spotlight, hoping to provide a better experience to Spotlight members and student leaders.

As far as the last year, the most successful events in terms of participation from students were the Panther Prowls, according to Adams.

She said that Panther Prowls are Spotlight’s themed festival events, which include the yearly Pantherpalooza concert, what she calls arguably their largest event, which hosted artists such as Future, Lil Wayne and 6lack.

“Students typically want any artist that is hot at the time. There’s really too many to name but we can’t please everyone so we try our best,” Adams said.

“Pantherpalooza, homecoming events, GSU Night at Six Flags and Campus Movie Fest are annual events that tend to be very popular,” Adams said.

As much as things stay the same much to come will change, with new ideas in the works that are currently being planned and finalized.