Meet one of Georgia State’s Presidential candidates, Christian Hill

The Signal: What makes you a good candidate?

Christian Hill: My ability to execute both the internal and external responsibilities of the President, while advocating for better conditions to improve our overall campus-life makes me a great fit for the position.

TS: What is your platform (issues you plan on addressing) for this election?

CH: Team I.M.P.A.C.T.’s platform if simple, “Empowering Our Students to IMPACT our Campus” by:

  I              Increasing Sustainability Options

 M            Making Housing available during Winter Break

 P             Producing Panther Pride Initiatives

 A            Adding /Extending Dining Hall Hours

 C            Creating Campus Safety Initiatives

 T             Tackling Transportation and Parking Issues

TS: Based on the previous position holder, how do you think you will improve the position?

CH: President Kernizan is doing a fantastic job as President and whomever his successor will be will have very big shoes to fill. In lieu of that, a more fitting question would be how I plan to improve SGA as oppose to the position of the President. To that, I would say that the state of SGA, in terms of our progression or regression, rests upon the collaborative efforts of the entire administration, including our support staff. Therefore, my plan is to empower our Senators and the Executive Committee by being transparent, encouraging, and stressing servant leadership, so that we may be bold in our efforts to IMPACT our campus.


TS: What was your motivation to run?

CH: Honestly, my motivation comes from the students. Being a traditional student myself, I share the same concerns of the students that hinder both our progression as a university and our overall campus life. I too experience issues within the residence halls; I too experience issues within our on-campus dining facilities; I too want more diverse on-campus programs that cater to our entire student population, and while we have made some progress within these areas, there is still much work to be done. My motivation is be that student who is the liaison between both the students and the university who does not just articulate student concerns, but who is also advocate for solutions.


TS: What has been your involvement in SGA? What have you done?

CH: I am currently the Vice President of Student Services. My platform in 2012 included the following three points: 24-hour Library, Improve Parking and Transportation, and Increase Transparency between SGA and the Students. To date Student Services (myself and my committee) has successfully executed the Freshman Hall Afterhours that hosted over 5,000 students during finals, secured over 750 new parking spaces at the SunTrust Building, and with the help of GSTV, we have recorded and publicized all SGA Senate meetings to promote transparency. Additionally, we worked with RHA to increase the internet bandwidth of the Housing Internet System and brought back some of the students favorite channels that were lost in the transition. Also, we are speaking with the RedBox Company to secure a Redbox movie machine on campus for the students to enjoy one-dollar movie rentals at their leisure.


TS: What is an issue that you see being overlooked that you plan on fixing or approaching?

CH: Sustainability and more healthy dinning selections within our dining facilities , accommodations for disabled students, and gender neutral restrooms for students who do not identify as either male or female are all issues that I feel have been overlooked and if elected I plan to address.