‘I am so terribly sorry’: Martinez issues apology

Natalia Martinez's private Instagram picture was screenshotted and distributed by a friend.

Martinez withdrew from classes one week ago after facing backlash from students over a Finsta post she made using the N-word. A petition made by Georgia State student India Bridgeforth to expel Martinez received over 500 signatures in three days, prompting the soccer player to withdraw from her classes.

On Tuesday morning, Natalia Martinez’s lawyer reached out to The Signal with a statement from Martinez, who said she is very remorseful of her use of the word.

“Ms. Martinez came to our office extremely distraught over the hurt she has caused by the use of her words on the social chat site “Finsta,” Martinez’s lawyer, Juan-Carlos Planas said. Planas said the words are not representative of the young girl who walked into his office distraught. He said Martinez issued her statement “because she is extremely sorry for her actions.”

“I am so terribly sorry for a choice in language that has hurt so many people” – Natalia Martinez

“No words can properly express the remorse I feel about my use of that horrendous and disgusting word on social media last week,” Martinez stated. “My incredibly poor choice of language in that post is beyond-embarrassing. While at the time I did not think through how disrespectful my language was, it in no way excuses my poor choice. I hope that someday I can make amends to those I hurt and show them that this word is not representative of who I am as a person. I am so terribly sorry for a choice in language that has hurt so many people, including many I care about – which makes my poor decision all the more painful. This mistake is something that I have to live with forever. I recognize that it will be a long time before those I hurt will forgive me. You have my assurance of working to make amends. That is why I made the decision to leave Georgia State. They are an amazing institution, and I embarrassed them. I felt it best for everyone to move on. In the meantime, please know how sorry I am that I have hurt so many people with my poor choice of words, and I can honestly say that it is a lesson that I will never forget. For now, I ask for your forgiveness.”

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