Man drops weapon in Student Center, results in arrest

Updated as of 4/16/15

The individual charged with carrying a weapon on school property was identified as Terence Hampton Jr., who brought a handgun into the Student Center on April 5 according to the police report.

A Georgia State student reported to staff member Chance Howard that he saw Hampton drop a handgun out of his book bag and then proceed to enter the fashion show that was taking place Saturday evening.

The police report states the male student attempted to warn Hampton not to enter the show, but he did anyways.

Arresting officer Ronnie Smith located the individual and directed him to a back hallway in the Student Center for questioning, the police report states. Hampton admitted to having the handgun, which Smith located after searching his bookbag.

Hampton was indicted on April 15 for carrying a weapon on school property and was also issued a criminal trespassing warning.


A Georgia State police officer arrested a non-Georgia State student after locating a weapon in his possession while in the Student Center on April 5, according to a police report.

The officer was informed the man dropped the weapon out of his book bag. The officer then took the individual’s book bag and the weapon was located. The individual was then arrested, processed and transported to Fulton County Jail, according to the police report.

A staff member from the Student Center who requested to remain anonymous said the staff was in a conference at the time of the incident. The staff member also said the Student Center was not staffed during the weekend, but they were informed of the arrest.

Junior Jasmyne Jackson said that knowledge of the incident made her feel very uncomfortable. She also said the fact that the person was not a student or staff member made her even more uneasy.

Senior Derek Caraway said doesn’t think that people should be allowed to carry weapons on campus but that the incident does not make him feel any less safe on campus.

“Hopefully nobody was hurt, the officer or the person that was here. It’s good to know law enforcement was notified,” Caraway said.

The sergeant over the case could not be reached to comment by press time.