Male model breaks down barriers in the fashion industry

Sophomore, Emoi Frasier, is a model who works to challenge the standards that have been placed on male models by the fashion industry. Photo Submitted by Emoi Frasier

In early October, Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty fashion show stunned and amazed people around the world. The fashion show introduced her new lingerie line, which she designed for all demographics. The show included models of different ages, cultures, racial backgrounds, sexualities and body types.

The fashion world’s prevailing beauty standards have dominated the industry for nearly a century. Fashion shows like the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show include very tall and thin models. 

Models with different body types than the ones praised in the industry have trouble finding modeling work. Now, new models are breaking these norms and creating their own. 

Sophomore Emoi Frasier is a model who works to challenge the standards placed on male models by the fashion industry. 

 Frasier has loved and admired fashion since he was a freshman in high school and dreams of creating his own clothing brand. 

Even though he’s always loved fashion, Frasier didn’t consider modeling until college. He has always received praise for his trendy clothes and style.  

Many clothing companies are impressed by his style and have reached out via Instagram to invite him to be a brand ambassador. Frasier couldn’t decline these offers.   

“I started modeling to network with people in the fashion industry so that I can have a head start for when I start my own brand,” he said. 

In the two years that he has modeled, Frasier has learned a lot about the industry. He’s also worked to raise his self-confidence. 

“The biggest thing I value about my modeling career is the people I meet,” he said. “I have learned many things from the brand owners that I model for that I am going to apply to myself in the future when I create my own brand.” 

Although modeling has many upsides, Frasier has dealt with a fair share of obstacles within the industry. 

Frasier does not have the standard height of a male model. The average height requirement ranges from 5 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 2 inches, but Frasier is only 5 feet 7 inches. 

This has caused Frasier to be turned down from some fashion brands.

“I kind of get a little bummed about not being able to apply to certain agencies because of height restrictions,” he said. “I never become discouraged because I know my height is something that can’t be changed or controlled.” 

Despite some height restrictions, Frasier has made progress in the fashion industry. He has modeled for over 10 shoots and has walked in four fashion shows all over the metro Atlanta area.  

“I have never paid much attention to beauty standards because I have learned that many companies value diversity,” he said. 

Frasier has modeled for Kneeble Knickers, Fly Under Pressure, Smurna, Nan Couture House and a few other local brands.

His message to others is, “when you don’t see yourself in a lane, try to create your own.”

Frasier hopes that by pursuing a career in modeling, he not only gains knowledge about the industry but can inspire others. He hopes that his story will motivate others to pursue modeling careers despite the fashion industry’s beauty standards.