Linebacker Joseph Peterson gives advice on nutrition

The nutrition of an athlete will determine the longevity of his success. Athletes all across the country have to make sacrifices to prepare for each season differently every year.

Athletes across all sports have to be aware of what they put into their bodies. This especially rings as a fact of life for an athlete who is just entering college. The transformation to such a more elite and competitive level can be disastrous if one is not prepared physically, mentally and nutritionally.

Different diets may alter depending on the sport and the physicality. The greater the physicality of the sport the more an athlete will have to do in order to be successful throughout the rigorous season.

Georgia State linebacker Joseph Peterson knows a little about eating correctly and becoming successful on the field.

After football practice Joseph Peterson shares his nutrition tips and diets.

Joseph Peterson
6’0″, 225 lbs
From Dothan, Alabama At 6 feet, 225 pounds, Peterson is one of the stronger and bigger guys on the team. Being a linebacker is one of the positions on the field where the expectations can take a toll on one’s body just after one game.

Quick Bio

Joseph Peterson is an all-conference linebacker and has become the Panthers’ leading tacklers on the team for the past two years. Before the start of this season, he has been recorded at 168 tackles and positioned at second all-time in Panthers history. Joseph Peterson was awarded as the team captain in 2013. Peterson was a first team all-state athlete while playing at Dothan High School (AL).


The Signal: What do you believe is the best diet for your position (Inside Linebacker)?

Joseph Peterson: Definitely a lot of meat. Basically not too much fried food. I try to stay away from them as much as possible. Specifically at linebacker you want to just eat a lot of protein and stay away from the fried foods.

TS: Throughout the week, how many calories do you try to consume?

JP: I’m not sure the amount or number, but it’s a lot. It’s not a specified number. It’s just the most calories I can take, definitely, because we burn a lot of them at practice.

TS: What do you believe is a better solution? Water or sport drinks?

JP: Definitely a lot of water. Coach always tells us to stay hydrated. Gatorade helps, but you definitely need the water to hydrate you.

TS: What’s one of your favorite foods?

JP: Maybe spaghetti.

TS: Over the Thanksgiving break to you plan to cheat your diet a little bit?

JP: Oh yeah definitely! I’m eating everything, cake… just everything.

TS: What’s more important to you personally carbohydrates or protein?

JP: Probably protein maybe. Getting the right protein in me and putting the right food in me. […] That way they will hold carbs too.

TS: Are there any supplements you are on right now?

JP: No. It’s just all natural.

TS: What advice would you give someone who wants to put on muscle mass?

JP: Just eat a lot!