F—: Gemini is too flighty to ever really settle down long enough to discover something real, but this could be fun for a while. If you’re craving harmony, they’re cool as a cucumber.


M: Not everyone can tolerate this detached zodiac, but you can! Aquarians will weigh everything with you, and even when your opinions differ, there’s no love lost. They’ve got outlandish theories for days. There’s never a dull moment with this one.


K: Things may start well with Leo, but the other shoe is bound to drop. They’ll end up resenting and trying to suppress who you are naturally, and that’s no good. 


Libras are the romantics of the bunch. They like something more thoughtful and traditional, so you have all the usual classics at your disposal.


They can also appreciate culture from time to time. Shows, exhibits, live music or any kind of art will pique all their interest. Put some consideration into this, and show your Libra that you care.