Lexi Knox embodies the perfect example of what a student-athlete can be

The Georgia State women’s soccer team is fresh off of a solid 9-4-7 season, with head coach Ed Joyce at the helm for a sixth season. After a loss in the Sun Belt Conference semifinals earlier this month, the team still has plenty to be proud of as both a unit and individuals. 

One player who stood out all season was graduate student and Panthers’ defensemen Lexie Knox. From the time she was three, Knox always had a ball attached to her quick feet. She tried playing other sports like basketball, but she didn’t like dribbling with her hands. 

“Most of my family plays basketball and my parents told me when I would play with my cousins and they tried to pass me a basketball. I would just kick it so they knew they had to sign me up,” Knox said. “I’ve always been pretty involved with other activities like ballet, tap, and dance but I just knew that I wanted to keep playing soccer.” 

Soccer has brought out a competitive nature in Knox, making her work relentlessly at being one of the best to take that field every practice and the games they have prepared for this season. Due to that effort, Knox has secured one of many outstanding accomplishments under her belt. 

“My greatest accomplishment in sports is making First Team All-Conference. I truly worked so hard leading up to that and am extremely blessed to be recognized for it.” Knox said.  

Every athlete has their own personal reasons as to why they play the sport they play.  Many often include their families others include people they have seen on tv playing before them. Knox’s why comes from her competitiveness. 

“My ‘why’ for playing soccer is my passion for the sport. I’ve always loved soccer from a very young age and I always play every game with my heart on my sleeve,” Knox said. “I’m a very competitive person and this sport always brings out the competitive side of me.”  

Along with other great accomplishments, Knox has also had her personal best sports moments on the soccer field. When you make that first basket on the basketball court or even score a goal to help your team win is rewarding, which Knox knows that feeling all too well. 

“The best moment I had on the soccer field was my junior year when I scored my first collegiate goal against Kennesaw State,” Knox said. “That goal was definitely something I worked hard for and it was a great feeling to score that goal, and playing with all of my friends on the field with me.”  

Knox and her team played their final game of the season earlier this month in a 1-0 loss to the South Alabama Jaguars in the Sun Belt Conference Tournament semifinals. She doesn’t have much time left in her collegiate athletics career, which is why she’s taking anything for granted.  

“I want people to know that every time I step on the field I give my all,” Knox said. “I play for my team, my family and myself every game and with everything I do I play like it’s my last.”