Letter: Why aren’t white students welcome to GSU?

Dear Editor,

I am a white student at GSU. I am not a racist and have MANY ethnic friends, however the recent protest and write up in Signal about the WSU bothers me. While I am not a member, I can sympathize with those involved. White students are never given anything for free. With affirmative action, minority scholarships, etc. coupled with the ever present NAACP, white students get ZERO favors. GSU goes overboard with it’s “being multicultural” but this goes against that completely. If black Greek organizations, ethnic groups, and the OAASSP can be on campus, so can a white student group. This is one of the worst cases of reverse racism I’ve ever seen. I enjoy GSU, and have learned a lot. I appreciate the diversity and openness, but this completely violates that. As a white student, I no longer feel welcome here, and I can’t imagine how those involved feel. I have never been so embarrassed to be a GSU student.
– William “Sam” Johnston
College of Arts and Sciences
Editor’s note: The letter written above does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Signal or its editorial board. 

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  1. ^This! Couldn’t have said it better! This is what’s going through the back of nearly every white student’s mind on this issue, and hopefully soon it will be less and less in the back of their minds..Take a look at the interracial violent crime rates and tell me about “white privilege”, take a look at the differences in college admissions criteria and tell me about “white privilege”, and then tell me about how the one single ethnic group that is not allowed to have a student union, the very idea being worthy of contempt and disgust, is the group with the “privilege”, while all other ethnic groups are encouraged to have student organizations, and given funding and facilities for them. WAKE UP & SMELL THE COFFEE PEOPLE! Affirmative Action= Jim Crow for white people, Ëqual Opportunity= Jim Crow repackaged in rainbows. White students can not organize to protect their interests? Justifications sound not at all unlike the justifications denying woment the right to vote. The fact that this is even a debate or is portrayed as “controversial” at all is verification of the need for a white student union, and I beleive they have just found another member.

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