Let’s Toast to Some of Life’s Firsts

Hi readers,

My name is Brooklyn Valera. Brooklyn, like the city. I’ve said this phrase my entire life, so people are aware of how to spell and say my name. I won’t bore you with the details about why this is my name because the reason is a long story; however, my first visit to the city was because of The Signal

I bring this to your attention because The Signal has not only opened doors for my journalism career, but it has also helped me achieve my own personal goals and discover more about myself. I’ve found that I am a hardworking and passionate Georgia State student, ready to exceed your expectations for this newspaper.

On Sept. 1, I stepped into the position as editor-in-chief of The Signal.

As a student-run newspaper, this is a double-sided learning experience. We welcome and say farewell to many students looking to expand their skills and share them with the community. But these personal connections happen beyond The Signal’s walls.

I’ve personally been able to meet some of the most inspiring student leaders while writing for the paper. From Student Government Association officials to student entrepreneurs, you never know who will make a lasting impact on you. The ambition and drive that flow through Georgia State are a few reasons why I love it here.

Our readers — you all — are another reason. You share your interactions and engagement with the paper through welcomed feedback, but our communication doesn’t stop there.

The Signal has been the voice for students and members of the community since 1933. Student STATEments and Letters to the Editor allow you to remove the middleman and speak directly to the community. No matter what route you take, we wouldn’t be able to do this without you. Thank you for allowing us to amplify your voice.

Due to the finite time I have in this position, you can be confident that I will spend my time selecting and cultivating candidates on the way so I can keep The Signal strong after my departure just as former Editor-in-Chief Ada Wood did as well.

With Ada spearheading the rebrand and keeping The Signal in top shape, she laid a path for me for which I will endlessly be grateful. I learned many valuable lessons while Ada was at the editor’s desk, and I also gained a friend. Her departure is still felt throughout The Signal, and we promise we won’t let her down. We will continue her hard work.

During my term, I plan to publish 24 issues. We always welcome new ideas from the student body so that your voices are well represented. We want to and will deliver relevant topics that impact the community. I am elated to work with The Signal’s staff full of bright, smart, creative and determined individuals.

To The Signal team, you have taught me so much. I hope you all can see my gratitude as I continue to push you all to succeed. I only want to see you at your best and so does our audience.

When I visited New York and saw Brooklyn for the first time, I was the news editor for The Signal. As editor-in-chief, I hope I am able to experience many more of life’s firsts with The Signal.

Thank you to The Signal and the Georgia State community for this opportunity.

Stay as you are,

Brooklyn Valera