Leah’s school of style: colored hair

It seems that just a few years ago, spotting someone with an unconventional hair color was abnormal or even taboo. Lately, everywhere you look on campus reveals another person sporting rainbow locks. This week’s most notable trend: candy-colored hair­. Blues, purples and greens…oh my!


Name: Kelaiah Rose

Major: Journalism

Hair color: Aquamarine

Kelaiah says she dyes her weave a lot, but not her real hair. She dyed her real hair for the first time (as pictured) for her 21st birthday. She dyes it about once a week to keep up with it—it’s a rinse on top of bleach. “I’m always looking for another color,” Kelaiah said.


Name: Miranda Pedersen

Major: Linguistics

Hair color: Purple

Miranda got her hair professionally bleached, but dyed it purple herself six weeks ago.


Name: Chris Vidmar

Major: Sociology

Hair color: Blue

Chris’ musical interests inspire him to dye his hair. “I’m kind of a non-conformist,” he laughed. This isn’t Chris’ first time dying his hair: pink and purple are more common for him. “It’s an ongoing thing.”


Name: Rachel Eppstein

Major: Applied Linguistics

Hair color: Purple

Rachel originally dyed her hair simply because her boss said it was okay. There wasn’t any specific inspiration behind the purple, but she dyes her hair often. “I know a lot of hair stylists with extra dye,” she explained.