John David McLean’s “preppy old man” style

I interviewed Georgia State junior John David McLean about his “preppy old man” style. Enjoy!

S: How do you describe your personal style?

J: I kind of like to blur the line between formal and casual a lot, which means I tend to wear a lot of collared shirts. I don’t like t-shirts very much. But I guess [my style] is kind of preppy. That’s usually the way I describe my style to
people. Kind of “preppy old man.”

S: I like that description. So do you keep up with trends?

J: GQ does street style and they take hundreds of photos of Fashion Week…what everyone’s wearing. I’ve been going through that slideshow over and over again, finding new stuff. I love seeing what designers wear. Seeing what they bring out on the runway is kind of cool, but seeing what they actually wear is usually where I find a lot of inspiration.

S: Do you have a particular designer you follow?

J: Well, I like everything Thom Browne designs. If I had enough money I would wear all of his clothes. Mick Wooster’s also pretty cool. I think he’s like, the most stylish person in the world. I follow a lot of designers on Twitter, see what they’re looking at. is pretty good. And there’s this Tumblr: howto- talktogirlsatparties? It’s awesome. I think I just like the name the most.

S: What do you think will be trending come spring?

J: I know something that’s already getting really big. I don’t have the courage to start doing it yet but…camo. Camo is going to be huge.

S: So where do you generally shop for your clothes?

J: The greatest store in the world is Club Monaco. I love Club Monaco. Other than that, J. Crew…H&M – it’s pretty cheap
there. Oh, and the tie bar: If you’re a dude and you want to buy ties, just buy them all from Like bowties, narrow ties, anything.

S: What kind of advice do you have for anyone trying to define their own personal style?

J: Don’t worry about breaking the rules.

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