It’s Fall Y’all: Time to Get Ready

We are saying ‘good-bye’ to beaches and finally saying ‘hello’ to tolerable weather. Put away your bathing suits and throw on your sweaters, because fall has officially begun. Want to know how to fall into your best “autumn” you? Keep reading.

Fall Clothing basics (not the b!tch kind)

  •        Tunics: Although they are great for the summer, the right tunic can be a great fall piece.
  •        Flannel printed clothes: The crème de la crème of fall prints. If this is missing from your wardrobe then what are you doing?
  •        Corduroy pants: Cords add a different texture to your outfits. They keep you warmer than jeans but they make you look cool (Cheesy with a point).
  •        Penny Loafers: These are the perfect shoes for fall if you aren’t a boot person.
  •        Blanket scarves: The scarf, blanket, pillow, cape combo.
  •        Sweaters: The appropriate pajamas of the colder months.

Must haves for guys:

  •        Leather jackets: Because nothing says fall like channeling 90s grunge.
  •        Bomber jackets: It’s the leather jacket for the man that’s a little softer.
  •        A beanie: The best kind of hat that says “ I don’t care” but it took you 20 minutes to make the hat sit right on your head.
  •        Denim jacket: Because Kanye says so.
  •        Oxford shirt: This shirt is classy. it is the one essential that every guy should have.
  •        Joggers: The only “sweat pants” that are acceptable.
  •        Boots: The “man” boot to have this fall are Timberlands or Doc Martins. Don’t mess with the classics.

Autumnal makeup:

  •        The cat eye (liquid liner): Smashbox Limitless, Maybelline Line Stiletto, Stila Stay All Day
  •        Berry lipstick: NARS- Charlotte, NYX- Covet, Top Shop- More Than A Women
  •        Dark blush: Smashbox- Heartbreak, Tarte- Prim, NYX- Chiffon
  •        Gold eye shadow (used sparingly): Bobbi Brown- Champagne, Maybelline  Color Tattoo- Bad to the Bronze, Urban Decay- Trick

Fall foods (welcome to the season of overeating):

  •  Green apples and caramel
  •  Chocolate covered pretzels
  •  Pumpkin muffins
  •  Caramel corn
  •  Trail mix
  •  Beef Stew
  •  Pumpkin bread
  •  Chi tea
  •  Mulled wine (for those of age)
  •  Apple cider

Fall bark:

   What you need: A bag of chocolate chips, pretzels, Kit Kats, candy corn

  1.      Fill a bowl with chocolate chips and microwaves them until they are melted.
  2.      Chop up the Kit Kats into bite size pieces.
  3.      Once the chocolate is melted, pour it into a pan that is covered with parchment paper.
  4.      Then top the chocolate with the pretzels, candy corn and Kit Kat pieces.
  5.      Put the chocolate in the fridge to cool. Once it’s cooled, take the bark out and break it into smaller pieces.

(Pumpkin) Spice up your room:

  •        Blankets: The time to pull out your plaid and knit blankets is now. It may be a little warm outside, but you can turn up your A/C. Give those blankets a purpose.
  •        Candles: Candles are an awesome way to make a room feel cozy. Don’t burn the ones that smell like pumpkin frosted cinnamon cupcakes, it gives visitors false hope that you have desserts to offer, and no one likes being lied to.
  •        Scented pinecones: If you aren’t able to have candles or are not spending $22 on them, then scented pinecones are a great alternative. It’s a way to get your whole place to smell like the pinecones. You can fill a pot with water, put the pinecones into the water and allow them to simmer on the stove.
  •        Sticks and stones: Fall is a good time to bring nature into your home. You can take sticks and branches into clear glass vases to give your home that certain fall ambiance.
  •        Pumpkins: Not real ones, those rot. Plastic pumpkins have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Pinecone garland DIY:

          What you need: Pine cones, spray adhesive, gold glitter and twine

  •        Spray your pine cones with your adhesive
  •        Sprinkle the glitter on where you sprayed the adhesive
  •        Allow your pine cones to dry
  •        Lastly, tie or glue your pine cones to the twine in garland fashion.


Fall Activities:  Do’s and Don’ts


  •        Pumpkin patch: Going to a pumpkin patch is the perfect kick-start to fall. You get the cool fall breeze, possible hayride, and some fall treats. That is fall in a nutshell.
  •        A hike: Now that the temperature is dropping, it is finally nice to go for a hike and enjoy the outdoors without sweating your face off.
  •        Haunted house: Because putting ourselves in situations that scare is “fun”, and fall is the only time being chased by a man with a chainsaw is laughable.
  •        Start holiday shopping: Once summer ends the holidays season begin. Logic.


  •        Jumping in leaves: It’s overrated, and it hurts.
  •        Apple Picking: Don’t be fooled by the Instagram pictures. It’s boring.
  •        Hanging out at coffee shops: The coffee is overpriced and it’s crowded.
  •        Watch “Nightmare Before Christmas”: It’s a Christmas movie.
  •        Get lost in a corn maze

Spook your set (Best Halloween movies: classics and more)

  •        “Halloween town”: I, II, III (not the fourth one because that one was terrible)
  •        “Hocus Pocus”
  •        “Halloween” (a classic)
  •        “The Adams Family”
  •        “ It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”
  •        “Practical Magic” (since every Sandra Bullock movie is amazing)
  •        “Young Frankenstein”
  •        “Carrie” (original)
  •        “Ghost Busters”
  •        “Corpse Bride”

Overrated fall things:

  •        Pumpkin spice latte: It is not good, don’t lie.
  •        UGGS: Are you in middle school?
  •        Infinity scarves: Because regular scarves are just fine.

Most “Instagramable” fall things:

  •        Baked goods
  •        Coffee/tea
  •        Pumpkin patches
  •        Falling leaves
  •        Thanksgiving food

Fall is the best time of the year. So, cozy up and get ready, because it’s here.