Introducing The Signal’s 2020 Fantasy Football League

Najeh Wilkins

The Showstoppers

Favorite player: Clyde Edwards-Helaire 

Edwards-Helaire had an excellent debut for the Chiefs, rushing for 138 yards and one touchdown. What a pickup for Kansas City in the 2020 NFL Draft!

He adds a different dimension to this offense, making Kansas City dangerous if it keeps its game up. If Edwards-Helaire continues to average 20 fantasy points per game, everyone else should look out: My running back will continue to be elite all season.

Edwards-Helaire adds a consistent rushing attack to an already potent offense. The potential for this rookie is endless. He already has the approval from Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes

Edwards-Helaire will continue to be an integral part of the offense in the real NFL and with The Showstoppers. I think he can propel my team to the postseason and allow me to beat all the guys in the league.

I also have a great stud quarterback in Deshaun Watson, who just got paid big money and will continue to produce as the star he is. Lastly, I am excited for the young receivers in Ceedee Lamb and Calvin Ridley, who look to become essential parts of their featured offenses. 

Michael Cuneo

We’re Allen This Together

Favorite player: Dalvin Cook

I once drafted Jordy Nelson as my No. 1 fantasy pick (it was a different time). He tore his ACL a week later. That is the extent of my fantasy acumen.

This year, however, will be different (please). 

Cook, my most admirable player, needs no introduction. 

The fourth-year running back out of Florida State continues to flourish after his dazzling 2019 campaign saw him score 13 times and rush for over 1,000 yards.

Cook combines two crucial traits into one machine: He is a speedy running back who can catch passes out of the backfield while using his 209-pound frame to punish defenses on the goal line.

He is already off to a good start in 2020, with three touchdowns in just two weeks despite getting fewer touches than expected.

Cook also works well in fantasy. He benefits from a run-heavy Minnesota Vikings offense that lacks a multitude of explosive weapons. 

His versatility makes him dangerous, but it also adds to the risk of injury.

If Cook can stay healthy, he adds everything you would want in the running back to your fantasy squad, and that’s why he’s my favorite player on my fantasy team.

Erik Indrisano

Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles

Favorite player: Josh Allen

After an abysmal fantasy year last season, failure is not an option for me this year. Luckily, this year’s draft was dominated by yours truly, which is why I believe I will win the season.

I decided to go wide receiver-heavy in the opening rounds this year, drafting both Michael Thomas and Davante Adams. I followed this up with two solid running backs in David Johnson and Chris Carson. I also made it my goal to draft a solid tight end, and who better than Mark Andrews to fill that spot? 

I always draft quarterbacks late in the draft and pick up as many flex positions as possible in a point-per-reception league. On draft night, I selected Allen Robinson II and, to the dismay of others, Sterling Shepard

Round this team off with a dominant Patriots defense and a rising star in Josh Allen, and you are looking at the second-best draft, only behind Andrew. 

So it is plain and simple why the Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles will be lifting the trophy this season. I apologize in advance for ruining our writers’ Sundays when they get dominated week in and week out. 

Espen Indrisano

Robert’s BackWoods

Favorite player: Daniel Jones

So, why will I be winning this year’s fantasy football league? 

It’s simple: Danny Dimes. I could go on and on about how I drafted another point-per-reception powerhouse, but I’ve got this season’s inevitable MVP. 

The New York Giants’ second-year quarterback is back and better than ever. All those fumbles and interceptions from last year? A distant memory. Get ready for a superstar to emerge with elegant yet explosive grace. 

Will the Giants make the playoffs? I wouldn’t say I’m that delusional of a New York sports fan, but Jones will at least help us keep things interesting in what is potentially the worst division in the NFL.

But outside of my stud quarterback, just look at my running back and wide receiver depth. I landed Christian McCaffrey with the first overall pick in our draft and followed suit by selecting Kenyan Drake and Austin Ekeler

Combine those consistent point threats with Adam Thielen and Robert Woods, and I do not see any competitors in our league capable of matching my team’s overall class. 

Nothing more needs to be said. It is on.

Andrew Freedman

Cape Cod Kittle-Cooked Chips

Favorite player: Jonathan Taylor

I’ll be quite honest: When I drafted Saquon Barkley with the second overall pick a few weeks ago, I knew I signed up for one of two things: a historic season or a short and injury-plagued season.

Well, he tore his ACL on Sept. 21, which I blame this on the lack of preseason conditioning players had. 

But, again, I drafted to prepare for such circumstances. Taylor, the Colts’ rookie running back, is off to an exceptional start, and Nick Chubb is back to his old Georgia Bulldog days. 

Additionally, the Cape Cod Kittle-Cooked Chips were named after 49ers tight end George Kittle. I hope he can play a vital role in my quest for a title, but I did not expect his backup to have a great game last week. 

Jonnu Smith of the Tennessee Titans sits as a top-5 player at his position after going undrafted in our league.

Lastly, Erik alluded to an excellent point: I have a reliable team and other players to look forward to. All of my receivers have a high upside: Pittsburgh’s Diontae Johnson, Carolina’s D.J. Moore and Jacksonville’s D.J. Chark

If these players reach their ceilings, I could be in for a great season.

Aaron Wilson Jr.

Adrestian Eagles

Favorite player: Kyler Murray

I think my team will do well thanks to our defense, and because we have playmakers everywhere. 

Travis Kelce is a big boost every week, along with two focal points in Stefon Diggs and Derrick Henry.  Henry was the focal point of a great Titans rushing attack. Now that the Titans are more balanced, the defense cannot just focus on Henry, so he should have solid weeks. 

The Steelers defense is a stout turnover machine, so they should put up big numbers while keeping themselves off the field. 

Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert and Browns running back Kareem Hunt will help supplement my team. However, the expectations of Diggs and Henry are high. Both versatile weapons bring a variety of scoring methods to my team. They also will have days of disappearing if their teams have a bad day, though. 

The player I am most excited about would be my favorite player on the team is Murray. He is dynamic, has a bunch of playmakers, and most importantly, he is supposed to take a big step forward in his second year, so I might as well pin my hopes on him.

Julian Harden

East Point Droids

Favorite player: Julio Jones

The Droids are by far the best team in the league and will definitely bring home the championship. The offense is the strength of teams, boosting multiple Pro Bowl receivers such as Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jones of the Atlanta Falcons. 

Even the running game is strong with Alvin Kamara of the Saints and Green Bay’s Aaron Jones. The defense is solid, anchored by a very stout Indianapolis Colts unit that held Minnesota to 11 points in week two. 

Jones undoubtedly is the best player on the roster, and how could you not love the best receiver in football? Even when he is not having big games, Jones is always one catch away from a significant gain for the Falcons. 

While he might not find the endzone due to being double-teamed, Jones is a yards machine, continually making big plays for the dirty birds. 

With Jones as the Droids’ top receiver, other teams don’t stand a chance.

Xavier Triche

Marshawn’s Skittles 

Favorite player: Lamar Jackson

Why Marshawn’s Skittles? Well, Marshawn Lynch is the adopted son of the city of Seattle, which is the last place I could go before quarantine for a Christmas trip with the family. 

Skittles is not only Lynch’s favorite candy, but it also represents the colorful and charismatic attitudes of the players I drafted, from Aaron Rodgers’ bravado to Jackson’s swagger.

My running backs carry the load, and both embody the word “toughness.” Raheem Mostert was an undrafted free agent who burst onto the scene last year, and James Connor fought and beat cancer to be the bell cow for the Steelers. 

My wideouts embody potential. None of them were first-round draft picks, but all of them have made names for themselves. Tyreek Hill, Chris Godwin and Juju Smith-Schuster have all played better than any draft prognosticator could’ve guessed. 

Being the football savant I am, there’s no way I was going to go skimpy on my defense, so I went with the New Orleans Saints. 

Although I am an Atlanta Falcons fan, I know a good defense when I see one. With the likes of Cameron Jordan, Marcus Lattimore and Demario Davis, the New Orleans Saints defense will be a headache for any offense.