Insta-worthy: The best spots in Atlanta for your pics

Photo by Vanessa Johnson | The Signal

Artists, sculptures, and designers—famous and unknown—spend countless hours to create eye-catching works of art in the heart of Atlanta. Behind each piece is an artist’s muse, and with every design, their feelings are expressed to create a masterpiece. These photo-worthy spots stand as a landmark for local Atlantans, and have become the backdrop of several Instagram feeds. To up your own Insta-game, check out these locations with the most acclaimed backdrops in the city.

Photo by Vanessa Johnson | The Signal


Artist: Various artists

Address: 1 Krog St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Why you should go: Located between Inman Park and Cabbagetown, Krog Street Tunnel displays the talent of various underground Atlanta artists. Locals tell their stories and express their creativity on the graffiti-covered walls, free on display for any passerby. This tunnel is ideal for taking photos with unique angles and experimenting with natural lighting.

Photo idea: To put major focus on an object or a person in your photo, use the natural light peaking through the cracks of the tunnel to dignify its importance. (Ex: A Yeezy would be ideal for sneakerhead Instagram accounts.)


Artist: N/A

Address: 675 Ponce de Leon Ave., NE, Atlanta, GA

Why you should go: To the naked eye, it may seem like a simple direction sign; however, for survivors of depression and anxiety, this painting symbolizes strength. This wall is a reminder to persist, and look to the future for change.

Photo idea: For the survivors and those who have battled, take a photo walking in the way of the arrow on the wall to showcase your strength.


Artist: MOMO

Address: Boulevard SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

Why you should go: While Living Walls and MOMO have created a colorful masterpiece, the paint does not mask the struggles within the community the Boulevard Tunnel sits between. While the tunnel sits so close to the thriving city, it is a clear representation that not everything in the city is new and flourishing. Fortunately, the Cabbagetown community has made several efforts to improve the tunnel, and it has since become a safer place for photographers and walkers.

Photo idea: For LGBTQ Atlantans, the long-strokes of rainbow paint entering the tunnel is a staple for exerting your pride. Standing in the middle of the two painted walls (be mindful of passing cars) with your back facing the camera and arms open will express your freedom on your Instagram feed.


Artist: HENSE

Address: 985 Monroe Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

This abstract wall on the Beltline was painted by Atlanta native Alex Brewer, who is widely known in the art community as HENSE. Notorious for his colorful abstract paintings, HENSE turned a drab wall turn into a photography hub from iPhone to Canon users alike. Not to mention, this statement wall is the perfect shot for foodie enthusiasts. Sweet treats will look even tastier in front of this pink and blue pastel backdrop.

Photo idea #1: With a delicious ice cream cone in hand, make the focus of your photo a decadent strawberry treat in front of this dripping pastel wall to sweeten up your feed. For an extra touch of color to accent the wall, add on some rainbow sprinkles on top.


Artist: N/A

Address: 327 Edgewood Ave Downstairs, Atlanta, GA 30312

Located in the heart of Sweet Auburn, and only steps away from Georgia State, sits The Music Room. The front of the underground concert hall is decked out from wall to wall as an old-school boombox.

Photo by Autumn | The Signal


Artist: Karen Anderson

Address: Located at random spots in Atlanta like Inman Park and Ponce City Market

Want to take photos like a giant? Tiny Doors ATL is a small-scale artistry business with a surprise factor. Photographers, you will love these tiny doors scattered around the city for an unusual angled photo. With 11 total tiny doors hidden around the city, photographers have a wide variety of colors and themes to choose from for their feed. Who knows, you may be near one and have no idea.


Artist: N/A

Address: Howell Mill and 10th Street

Who loves animals? Better yet—who loves pictures with their favorite pup? I know I do! This Atlanta mural outside the Humane Society is chic and slick—perfect for a black-and-white themed Instagram.


Artist: N/A

Address: 1 Philips Dr, Atlanta, GA 30303

After watching a Hawks game or jamming out at a concert, be sure to take a picture in front of this Atlanta sign at Philips Arena. It’s subtle, but with a sleek look. For this spot, you will need to stand quite far away to fit the entire sign in the shot. However, for Canon and Nikon users, this location is ideal for experimenting with a wide-angle lense. iPhone users can also purchase a clip-on lense for an inexpensive price on Amazon.

Photo by Julian Pineda | The Signal


Artist: Tim Frank

Address: On the Beltline, at Eastside Trail at Angier Springs

This untitled sculpture created by Tim Frank was selected by the Schrager Family Foundation with an uncommon set of rules. The foundation requested the sculpture be viewable from 100 yards away. So luckily, if you’re bike riding or taking an afternoon stroll on the Beltline, this spot will be hard to miss. This spot is ideal for a unique shot between the various vertical rectangular strips.


Artist: N/A

Address: 151 Ted Turner Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30303

While Switchyards serves cold drinks and spirits, it also serves as a glowing Instagram backdrop. In the window at the bar is a “Made with soul in ATL” neon sign. The neon sign trend is dominating the Insta-scene right now, so this spot will definitely light up your feed.

Photo idea: Stand inside Switchyards Downtown Club gazing out the window (not looking directly at the camera) below the neon sign. The glow of the sign will accentuate your facial features and make for a classy “night out on the town” snap.


Artist: Sean Metcaft

Address: 675 Ponce De Leon Ave, Suite NW 208, Atlanta, GA 30308

The “Pursuit is Happiness” painting at Ponce City Market is the best edition to a black and white Instagram feed. With a bright white calligraphy on top of a black wall, this design is a cheerful reminder to pursue your aspirations for overall happiness in the end. Plus, this spot is the best location for the quickest snap ever.

Photo idea: If you are superior in writing, a sport, or dancing, this wall will showcase it with character. For instance, for basketball players, spin the basketball on your finger in front of this painting to show you are pursuing your love of the game.


Artist/builder: N/A

Address: 3393 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326

Located in the shopping center of Lenox Square, Sprinkles Cupcakes has an unordinary way of delivering cupcakes to their customers. The Cupcake ATM actually dispenses your cupcake of choice through an in-wall ATM. If you’re looking to spice up your feed with a Boomerang, this spot is for you. Have a friend or passerby take a Boomerang of you in awe as the ATM dispenses a cupcake. This is a cute and fun pastel edition to any drab Instagram account.


Artist: R. Land

Address: Euclid Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30307

Why you should go: A trip to Little Five Points means a glimpse at Atlanta’s most unique and meaningful works of art. Painted white on a flaming red brick wall is the critically acclaimed “Pray for ATL” street art. This painting can also be seen on Highland Avenue on the side of a restaurant, and other random walls throughout the city. The significance behind the praying hands for Atlanta is driven by artist R. Land’s undeniable love for the city of Atlanta. This street art is an essential photo if you are in the area. (Especially if you have a red theme on Instagram!)

Photo idea: Neal down into a squatting position in front of the wall with your hands together in a “praying” stance. This pose is a popular choice for millennials, and it will look like you are about to drop the hottest mixtape of 2018.


Artist: HENSE (Alex Brewer)

Address: 760 10th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Why you should go: This unnamed wall located across from Centennial Park was painted by Atlanta native Alex Brewer, who is widely known in the art community as HENSE. Notorious for his colorful abstract paintings, HENSE made a drab wall in downtown turn into a photography hub from iPhone to Canon users alike. This artist surely chose the right location for his work, too. Stopping by this wall for a quick picture on the way to Skyview Atlanta or Centennial Park will ensure the pop of color your Instagram needs for Spring.

Photo idea: Centennial Park is the powerhouse of Georgia music festivals, so on your way, snap a picture in your festival clothing/makeup doing a wacky pose with friends. The more colorful the style, the more unique your photo will turn out.


Artist: Chris Veal, and other various artists

Address: 716 Ponce de Leon Place, Atlanta, GA 30306

Why you should go: Pop art lovers! Ponce City Market is a high foot-traffic area in Atlanta. While shops capture the creativity of locals, including a pop-art display, Paris on Ponce transports photographers to an industrial-vintage realm. To add to the pop-art aesthetic, acclaimed pop-artist Chris Veal painted this mural that can be interpreted differently to every eye. With its distinctive charm, this section of Ponce is sure to show your followers a new take on street pop-art in Atlanta.

Photo idea: For a quirky date, enjoy the sounds of the city on the Beltline. When you arrive at the pop-art mural, have a passerby take a picture of you and your significant other in a surprised pose. This is a perfect photo for couples who enjoy old-school pop-art and comics.


Artist: N/A

Address: 736 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30306

Unicorn lovers unite! The Drunken Unicorn is an intimate music room in Midtown. This venue is known for its cozy space and eclectic dance hall feel. Outside the venue is a painting of a black and white unicorn on top of a layer of colorful pixels. Even if you’re not attending a concert, be sure to stop by this location if you’re in the Ponce area.

A final note:
Visiting and taking pictures of these works of art will boost your feed and promote the artists. However, as a safety precaution, and to experience the full effect of the artwork, The Signal recommends viewing the artwork during the day.

With a never-ending canvas, these Insta-worthy works of art are subject to change, so hurry to each location to ensure your feed is popping with the colors of Atlanta.