How-to interracially date

By  Destany Caldwell | Columnist


Georgia State is one of the most diverse campuses in the entire nation.

As a student here you have an especially high chance of not only encountering people of a different racial background, but also dating them. Unfortunately when presented with the idea of interracial dating many people don’t know how to go about things. Thus, I have developed the following how-to guide for interracial dating.


1.       There is such a thing as a stupid question.

As a college student we have a responsibility to research anything we are interested in so our questions come from a place of understanding, and not one of ignorance. If you were to interview for a job at Starbucks you don’t ask questions like, “What is coffee?” Similarly, when dating interracial it is best to not ask questions about topics easily searchable on Google/Wikipedia. For example, don’t ask your Muslim bf why his mother wears the hijab, you can educate yourself about that.

2.       Accept not being accepted.

Yes, I know it’s 2012. Yes, I know we’ve come so far. Yes, people will still stare at an interracial couple like Elvis has risen from the grave. Accept that there are still ignorant people in the world and treat this obstacle as respectfully as possible. Don’t fight ignorance with ignorance. If you keep responding to people’s stares and glares, your relationship will start to feel like a fight against the world and that is no fun.

3.       Interracial dating does not eliminate gender problems.

If you think that by dating a white man or by dating an Asian girl you will escape certain issues think again. Problems follow gender not race. Now if you want to change the gender you date that’s a whole different subject…you’ll have a whole new set of problems to worry about.

4.        Become the initiator.

Sometimes the person that you find attractive of another race may find you attractive as well, but be a bit hesitant approaching you. This is not the time to be timid, approach them! Once I saw this white guy at a party that I thought was cute. Eventually we started talking. The conversation was nice, but nothing special. Later that night the host of the party called me raving. She told me the guy was really interested in me and really wanted my number. I had no clue he even liked me, because I was use to men being very aggressive. I had to change my perspective a bit when it came to interracially dating.

5.       Be excited!

Interracial dating can be so much fun! According to a Gallup pole, 60% of Americans 18-29 have dated interracially, and they can’t all be wrong. If you find yourself attracted to someone of another race for the first time remember they are human just like you. Introduce them to your world, and jump into theirs as well.