Sweet Auburn Curb Market, just a walk from campus

Located in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market on Auburn street,  Afrodish is a restaurant that offers delectable Carribean cuisine.
Located in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market on Auburn street, Afrodish is a restaurant that offers delectable Caribbean cuisine.

What used to be covered in hog parts, livestock and named the “Municipal Market,” now goes more commonly by the moniker “The Curb Market,” houses over 20 different independently owned stores and stands in the same construction as it did in it’s inceptual 1924 beginning.

Serving as the only public market in Atlanta, The Sweet Auburn Curb Market is mere minutes in walking distance from Georgia State’s campus and has remained a beating heartbeat for the neighborhood.

Pamela Joiner, the General Manager of the Market, sees the multiple people that come through day in and day out.

“The market has a very diverse customer base,” Joiner said. “Grady employees, students, business people from the surrounding area, customers who have shopped here most of their lives.”

Now with the Atlanta Streetcar making pit stops outside of the market, a whole new herd of customers have discovered the building.

A good portion of the dining options got their start inside the market and then branched out to other locations around Atlanta. Those consist of Grindhouse Killer Burgers, Arepa Mia, Bell Street Burritos and Sweet Auburn Barbecue.

“As a downtown resident, I see the market as being perfectly located to serve most of the neighborhood’s food needs. The location is convenient, the food is quite delicious and cost within the budget of most students,” Joiner said.

In the vacant 5500 square foot lot corner within the market, there are arrangements being finalized to put a grocery concept where once used to be.

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