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Guide to the Greeks: The Interfraternity Council

The Interfraternity Council at Georgia State is composed of eight non-culturally based fraternities. These organizations include Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Tau Omega, Chi Phi, Delta Lambda Phi, Kappa Sigma, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi and Sigma Nu.

“IFC exists to promote values of leadership, service, brotherhood and scholarship,” Devon Woodling, president of Delta Lambda Phi, said. “IFC organizations should strive to create better communities, better chapters and better men.”

The presidents of IFC organizations try to connect with their brothers on a personal level to make the most out of their experience at Georgia State.

“[At Georgia State,] IFC is a really diverse group of guys with everybody being able to find their perfect pick whether it be they’re into sports or if they’re into business organizations,” Shady Mreir, the council president, said.



The IFC fraternities at Georgia State want to change the stereotypical way people view fraternities while still enjoying their time as brothers and supporting their community. 

Brothers are encouraged to give back to their community through philanthropy or service. For example, Greek life hosts a trick-or-treat event every year at the Greek housing, where they bring in kids who are unable to trick or treat because of the unsafe neighborhoods they live in.

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“Last year, we were involved in cleaning up Piedmont Park and … we’re giving back on a more local level to Atlanta in comparison to some of the national charities that our organizations give back to,” Mreir said. 

During Mreir’s former presidency of Pi Kappa Alpha, their philanthropy was the Fireman’s Challenge, where they give back to burn victims, specifically women and children at the VCU Haynes Burn Center in Virginia — something close to home for Mreir, as he suffered traumatic burns during an accident at the age of five. 



IFC encourages its members to participate in leadership early on. For the council’s weekly meetings, each chapter is required to send two delegates: a senior delegate, or a veteran member of the chapter, and a junior delegate, who is a new member looking to get involved.

Alpha Tau Omega is built on the foundational belief that brotherhood should last even after graduation. President Maulin strives to encourage his brothers by leading by example. Maulin was previously the social chair of his organization and received feedback from other members that he should run for president.

“I ran for president because I felt it was my time to step up,” Maulin said. 

Delta Lambda Phi is a LGBTQ+ friendly fraternity, but it is not exclusive to LGBTQ+ members. According to current president Woodling, Delta Lambda Phi exists so all men, regardless of sexual orientation, can develop through gaining leadership, social and professional skills they need for success. 

Woodling joined Delta Lambda Phi because he is an openly gay man who wanted to surround himself with like-minded men who had the same goals as him. When Woodling first joined, he noticed the organization was struggling socially and financially. 

As a new member, he was responsible for his organization’s most successful fundraiser: a drag show. 

“I ran for President because I knew I could help the chapter embrace its potential and grow as an organization,” Woodling said.

Bashir Monsour ran for president of Pi Kappa Phi because he finds himself to be an excellent example of what a Pi Kappa Phi man is supposed to be. Monsour wants to give back to not only his fraternity but his community as well.

“I felt like I had the most to bring to the table, the best leadership and a lot envisioned for my chapter and wanted to help give back after it has given me so much,” Monsour said.  

Rohit Polakam kept his future in mind when he ran for president of Chi Phi. Polakam aspires to be a doctor, and he believes thought leadership and communication skills will help him with that career. Polakam also wants to make a change in his fraternity while he is still on campus by mentoring anybody who would want to join Chi Phi in the future.

“I want to make people realize what the term ‘brotherhood’ really means,” Polakam said.


Future Plans and Changes

The brothers at Alpha Tau Omega are focusing on recruiting more members in the upcoming school year.

“Expect a lot of fun and great guys with the letter ATO attached to their name,” Maulin said. “We are recruiting the best that want more out of their college career, regarding community service, influence and support from multiple brothers and sororities.”

Woodling wants the LGBTQ+ community at Georgia State to feel as though they have a safe space within Delta Phi Lamda and expand the connection to other LGBTQ+ advocacy groups within the area, especially through service projects or youth education. 

“Delta Lambda Phi at Georgia State has never had a strong presence during recruitment and that’s something I want to change,” Woodling said. “I hope to plan more engaging and visible events for Delta Lambda Phi’s recruitment and campus/community involvement.”

Not only is Monsour the president of Pi Kappa Phi, but he is also the head of IFC. Monsour established official recruitment periods with set IFC events and schedules for this year. He also wants to start a Greek row, an area on campus for fraternity houses.

“I also would like to see athletic events more lively with Greek life and huge cooperative philanthropy events,” Monsour said.

In this upcoming school year, Polakam wants Chi Phi to embody diversity at Georgia State more than ever by increasing their membership numbers, become more connected with other Greek groups and participate more in community service events. 

“I plan to make Chi Phi a fun and safe place for everyone,” he said. “A place where people can call us family or friends and their other home.”


Interfraternity Leadership

Alpha Tau Omega

President Matthew Mauldin

Vice President Nahom Taye

Treasure Peyton Greer 

Secretary Kenny Pham 

Chaplain Michael Dinh

Membership Education Zachary Camp 

Recruitment Chair Michael Holley 

Health and Safety Aidan Hammond


Delta Lambda Phi

President and New Member Educator Devon Woodling

Vice President and Treasurer Shecory’n Porter

Secretary Paul Wheaton


Pi Kappa Phi

President Bashir Mansour

Vice President Collin McHugh

Risk Management Brian Harris

Social chair Noah Shiffman

Treasurer Drew Miller


Chi Phi

President Rohit Polakam

Vice President Ruben Lorea-Morales

Secretary and Treasurer Tim Wyatt

Custodian Jesse Ray

Historian and New Member Educator Cole McKenzie

Risk Manager Jian Clarke

Recruitment Officer Rohan Polakam