Get over it, ‘Murica: Why those religious government officials should seriously re-prioritize

It’s almost impossible not to involve yourself with Georgia politics and not pull your hair out in frustration. It almost feels like there’s a distorted view of reality ruling over the people we have voted into power.

As unbelievable as it might sound, we are still dealing with gay and transgender rights –Let’s rephrase: As unbelievable as it might sound, there’s such a phrase as “gay and transgender rights”. Rights? Why are these rights not already there, but instead slamming themselves against newspaper covers of the 21st century? This sounds like a concept we should have overcome a while ago, somewhere in the B.C.

And what does a person’s sexual orientation have anything to do with their human rights anyway? Do you remember having to ask the federal government to clarify your “straight rights”? Since when did the word “straight” start sounding like a privilege? And how is it possible that we deny people the right to go about the lives the way I do, because of the person they choose to go to bed with? I’m allowed to throw wedding receptions in all corners of the world, adopt a child from any continent and throw my hands all over my partner just because he’s not the same sex as me?

Being gay is not something that came about recently. Ancient Greeks decorated their pots and ceramics with homosexual sex positions, and back then it was even considered somewhat of a prestigious practice. And seeing as they were busy implementing democracy, discovering theater, philosophy and science, same-sex activities didn’t seem to worry them. On the contrary, looks like a gay society, was a better society.

So the argument that there’s a “growing gay population we must control” (yes, we’ve heard a person say that. And yes, they were Republican) is a bunch of malarkey, to put it in Joe Biden language.

If government officials and all the “religious” people of the country need something to keep themselves busy, The Signal has provided a generous list:


  •         Growing incarceration rates
  •         Opioid addiction on the rise
  •         Somewhere in the trillions in debt
  •         Homelessness
  •         Unemployment
  •         Global warming


And if internal affairs don’t seem of interest, the rest of the world would gladly, we’re sure, accept a helping hand. Another list, for the government’s convenience:

  •         Russia & Ukraine conflict
  •         A sketchy agreement between the Colombian rebel forces and the government (as civilians continue to be murdered every day
  •         Overflow of immigration because of the conflict in Syria
  •         The conflict in Syria
  •         A massive terrorist group killing hundreds every week