Georgia State’s Student Center making big changes

Georgia State’s Student*University Center Advisory Council held their second official meeting Sept. 25. and announced a series of upcoming changes.

Topics discussed at the meeting:

1. The Student Center and the University Center may no longer be separate entities — the advisory council discussed suggestions to merge the two buildings together to operate under the Student Center name and be characterized by East and West wings. The room names would also change to a number format. President Mark Becker, once available, will make a decision based off of the advisory board’s suggestions.

2. The advisory board unanimously voted in favor of accepting mtvU’s proposal. MTV’s college network will install monitors on campus to play its channeling. The proposal was brought to the council’s attention during their first meeting June 19.

3. Woodruff Arts Center and Campus Events at Georgia State partnered together and created an all-access season pass called Panthers at Woodruff (P.A.W). P.A.W. is $25 for students and can reserve tickets for the Alliance Theater and Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. This includes unlimited Admission to the High Museum of Art. The pass is currently not available for faculty and staff, according to Mathew Hayes of Campus Events.

  • Note: See The Signal’s A&L; section for upcoming P.A.W. coverage.

4. Virtual EMS — an online platform for organizations to reserve rooms for their meetings — will be introduced this year. By the spring semester, the site will allow students to view and schedule room availabilities. This will help prevent employees with re-typing the information into the system.

5. The Student Government Association (SGA) is currently seeking additional food options for student dining, however additional planning is required. This will not interfere with employees jobs, according to Student*University Center Director Boyd Beckwith.

6. There will be new swings added on campus, similar to the swings in the green space behind the Student Center. Book bag hooks will also be added for students’ convenience.

7. Multiple Student Center charging stations for phones are currently being repaired by the manufacturing company. Although still present, those being fixed will return soon, according to Beckwith.

8. Since the programming change of Cinefest last semester, the organization operating within the Student Center has seen an increase in attendance each movie showing, according to Michell Canales of Georgia State’s Campus Programs. Beckwith said a total of 819 students and 30 non-students attended the showing of 22 Jump Street over a week’s period. Concession stand sales have also increased and there will be a new food combo package added.

9. Georgia State’s Student Center vending machine revenue increased from $1,511 in fiscal year 2013 to $3,762 in just half of fiscal year 2014. The increase is a result of re-location and the center’s machines count for 5 percent of Georgia State’s total vending machine population.