Georgia State students’ year in review

The year 2020 was an eventful one, with twists and turns occurring on a near-daily basis. These Georgia State students offer their perspectives on the most memorable moments of every month. 

Sophomore Jazyln Cardoza was looking forward to 2020. But 2020’s strange beginning thwarted her high expectations for the year.

“Some things I recall from January were the topic of a possible third world war and President Trump’s impeachment trials,” she said. “As for February, I mainly recall the bushfires in Australia and how devastating it was for the people and wildlife.

Around March, people became more aware of COVID-19, but there weren’t many cases in the U.S. Then came a “temporary break” from work and school for many people across the country. 

“I remember getting the exciting news that we would get one to two weeks off from school,” sophomore Chrissi Livingston said. “During that time, I became more active on TikTok and swiped through lots of videos on my ‘for you’ page. It exposed me to cool, crafty ideas to try and different memes to laugh at.”

As April rolled in, this temporary vacation seemed to turn into a permanent stay as COVID-19 cases increased since the beginning of March, and the world began to panic.

Sophomore Daniel Kumi described May and June as a time of “both heartbreak and pride.” 

George Floyd’s death brought about nationwide and global protests fighting for justice for the lives lost to police brutality. 

“I don’t think anyone can look back at that time and not think about the death of George Floyd,” Kumi said. “For the first time in my life, people really saw [that] black lives matter [is] not … a threat or a ‘catchy slogan’ but a rallying cry to help the oppressed.”

In July 2020, the U.S. and the global average of COVID-19 infections were highest since the pandemic began. At this time, it was clear the pandemic was not ending anytime soon.

In August, sophomore Arlenica Williams turned to TikTok to maintain social interaction while quarantining.

“Some of my favorite trends from August 2020 include the “bayang” phenomenon because I, like many others, cut quarantine bangs out of desperation,” Williams said.

By September, talk of the upcoming 2020 presidential election consumed the spotlight. 

During this time, Williams worked with an organization called Public Citizen to mobilize the college vote. A couple of months later, the U.S. would see its largest voter turnout in more than a century.

Junior Joshua Marshall wasn’t expecting much out of October, especially in seeing family or friends for his birthday or Halloween. He even contracted COVID-19 at the end of the month. He got through this period with video games, specifically the popular game, “Among Us.”

“I ended up playing with a few Twitch streamers during my isolation period, and it was honestly a pretty great way to be able to see and interact with my friends without having to be in the same room as them,” Marshall said.

The holiday season was very different in 2020, and for sophomore Chanmi Lee, there were many hardships, but friends and families made up for it.

“My church friends and I had a Friendsgiving dinner, and we also went hiking,” Lee said. “It’s great to be able to make memories with people you care about, especially at this time.”

As students settle into the new year, it’s essential to look back at the experiences 2020 provided and use them to learn and grow in 2021.