Georgia State sends condolences to murdered student

Photo Credit | Charles Rudison Facebook Page
Photo Credit | Charles Rudison Facebook Page
Photo Credit | Charles Rudison Facebook Page

Correction: An earlier version of this story said students could make a cash donation at SGA. However, SGA is unable to receive dunks due to not having a secure holding place or accounting process. The alternative options have been listed.

After four days and angry students’ tweets, Georgia State issued a statement about the young Panther who lost his life on Saturday morning.

The university tweeted out, “Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Charles Rudison,” along with a link for the counseling services.

Dekalb County Police released the police report Monday morning which said 21-year-old Charles Rudison had been stabbed to death by his roommate over a missed ride. Rudison was Downtown with his friends and roommate, Breyana Davis, when she decided to drive back home without taking him along.

According to the AJC, Rudison and the friend he was with were frustrated and had to go back to the apartment with a Lyft ride. Once they arrived, Rudison asked Davis why she left them, and she immediately threw a pot of boiling water on him, and began stabbing him with an 8-in long kitchen knife, according to the friend that witnessed the scene.

Rudison’s roommate tried to tell a different story, and called 911 right after stabbing him, claiming he attacked her, and started pushing her in anger when he came back. However, as the witness told the police, it all took place within 20 seconds after Rudison entered the apartment.

Rudison was a business major at Georgia State, and had briefly joined the marketing team of The Signal. His friends said he often made insightful quotes on Facebook about how to be a better person, and the love he had for friends.

“Just live for you, pursue your own dreams and goals, and if the time comes the rest will fall into place. It’s more than possible to be happy while on your own,” he said in a post from April 2016.

Denise Brumley, a Georgia State student, announced her fundraiser for Rudison’s family, in an effort to send flowers to his service and help the family cover funeral costs. The service will be held in Buford on Sept. 7,

“It is with a heavy heart tonight, and a wounded paw, that we mourn the loss of a fellow Panther,” Brumley wrote on Facebook. “We are now a family of 56,000 and if even ⅓ of the students donated $1, we could erase some of this family’s concerns and express our condolences in a huge way.”

Students can visit the Student Government Association (SGA) office to sign a card for Rudison , however, SGA cannot take donations. To make a donation, students can go to the Aderhold basement between 4:30 p.m. – 7 p.m, or visit the 12th floor of the Robinson College of Business, in Ms. Mocha Trimier’s office. For online donations, students can use the code 6784994854 for CashApp, or send the money to via PayPal.