Georgia State Police Department Chief resigns after second DUI arrest

Georgia State Police Department Chief Joseph Spillane has resigned after being arrested for a DUI charge in Fayette County.

This arrest is Spillane’s second DUI charge as Georgia State chief of police.

Following his resignation, the university named Assistant Chief Anthony Coleman as interim police chief.

Peachtree City Police arrested Spillane on Nov. 25 at 11:22 p.m. at a traffic stop on Highway 54.  

According to the incident report, police officers stopped Spillane due to failure to maintain lane. Police arrested him and transported him to the Fayette County Jail. 

“Due to his highly intoxicated state, the jail would not accept him. Police transported him to his home to turn himself in at a later date,” the incident report stated.  

Peachtree City Police Department spokesman Chris Hyatt said Spillane’s blood-alcohol level at the time of testing was over 0.24%, which is more than three times the legal drinking limit of .08 percent.

Fayette County police department released a video showing Spillane taking a field sobriety test and conversing with a woman in the vehicle, later identified as his wife.

“He’s going to put me in jail if I don’t take [the field sobriety test],” Spillane said to his wife. 

“You’re going to put me in jail, seriously?” Spillane asked the officer after failing the sobriety test. 

The incident in Peachtree City was not Spillane’s first arrest for DUI in Fayette County.

The Signal previously reported Spillane’s first DUI arrest on June 18, 2017, by Fayette Police. Charges included driving under the influence and having an open container in the vehicle.

Per those allegations, the university placed Spillane on paid administrative leave until the end of the investigation.


“Editor’s note: 12/03/2020 ,  10:49 a.m This article has been updated with more information”