Georgia State opens first-ever student-run polling location on a college campus

Evan Malbrough, a student at Georgia State, decided to take the First Amendment into his own hands. 

After doing research for the Andrew Goodman Foundation, a parent non-profit organization, Malbrough began looking up polling locations and decided students should have one on campus.

Malbrough is an ambassador for the organization and takes part in the Andrew Goodman Vote Everywhere movement as well. In 2019, the Georgia State Vote Everywhere team was awarded the Patton Award for Outstanding Student Organization. They have been at Georgia State for three years and frequently host voting drives, an effort to register eligible voters.

Malbrough, along with the Vote Everywhere team, created the first student-run voting center located on a college campus in American history. 

After many attempts with Atlanta Student Government Association Advisor Gail Sutton to get it approved, Malbrough finally got the okay from the Fulton County Office of Elections to begin setting up the location.

“In order for us to have the center student-run we had to open it as an outreach location,” Malbrough said.

Since this center is open as an outreach location it could not be open for the entire election season. The center will rotate throughout different colleges in Georgia including Georgia Tech and Morehouse.

Malbrough also said that another stipulation that came with the center being student-run is that not all Georgia State students will be able to vote at this polling location.

Only Fulton County residents will be able to vote there. 

The polling location will be open to students Monday and Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the State Ballroom on the first floor of Student Center East.