F—: A cold heart but a warm body. Or should I say fish? Aquarius is exactly what you need if you’re just looking for a bit of fun.


M: You’re drawn to someone who can argue without taking it personally. Libra lives for devil’s advocate banter. They could spar with a bag of potatoes if they wanted to.


K: Pisces is very likely to get teary-eyed if they feel an argument coming on. It’s best to stay away from things that break. 


Geminis are the big kids of the zodiac. They’re childish and lively. Whatever you do, it’s got to be different. They need to know that you aren’t just your average Joe (specifically Joe Goldberg). This needs to be one for the Instagram stories highlight.


Geminis love circuses, festivals, theme parks, outdoor films or anything with pretty lights and a crowded room.