From Mississippi to Atlanta, Dan Ellington has conquered a lot

Do you know Dan Ellington? Surely you know he is Georgia State’s starting quarterback, but do you really know him?

Ellington is now in his senior year. He has already produced some incredible performances on the field and dreams of competing in his first bowl game, but what is he like off the field? And what brought him to Atlanta?

Inspired by Vogue’s “73 Questions” series, it is time to truly understand the Dan Ellington we may not be too familiar with.


Joi: Where are you from? 

Dan: Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Joi: What is your favorite thing about Olive Branch? 

Dan: The people. 

Joi: Favorite holiday? 

Dan: Thanksgiving.

Joi: Best movie, and why?

Dan: “White House Down,” because I like all the action in it. 

Joi: Best quality? 

Dan: My personality. 

Joi: Worst habit? 

Dan: Always thinking about what could go wrong in a situation.

Joi: Nicknames growing up, embarrassing or otherwise?

Dan: Lil’ Dan. 

Joi: Most embarrassing moment you had as a child? 

Dan: Getting a whupping in front of my class in the first grade. 

Joi: One thing that no one knows about you?

Dan: I listen to country music. 

Joi: Most terrifying thing you’ve ever done?

Dan: Ziplining.

Joi: Major?

Dan: Education.

Joi: What are your career plans post graduation?

Dan: Coaching.

Joi: Biggest influence? 

Dan: My dad. Football-wise, it is my high school football coach. 

Joi: What are you most excited about these days? 

Dan: Waking up each and every day. 

Joi: Travel anywhere in the world for a month-long vacation. Where are you going?

Dan: On a cruise somewhere.

Joi: You can take three people with you. Who are you taking?

Dan: My best friend Parker, my best friend Dylan Buckingham and my best friend Blake. 

Joi: Best way to spend a day? 

Dan: Playing football.

Joi: If you weren’t playing football, what sport would you play?

Dan: Basketball or baseball.

Joi: Favorite quality in a friend? 

Dan: Good personality.

Joi: Worst quality in a friend? 

Dan: Disrespectful to others.

Joi: Describe yourself in three words. 

Dan: Athletic, happy, encouraging 

Joi: Describe your team in three words. 

Dan: Funny, hard-working and athletic.

Joi: What do you love about playing for the Panthers?

Dan: My teammates, because they make everything fun for me. 

Joi: Most memorable moment in a football game? 

Dan: Definitely beating Tennessee. 

Joi: What was your first reaction after the Tennessee game?

Dan: I just had to take it all in. It was a good moment for us. 

Joi: How did you celebrate? 

Dan: I went to sleep as soon as I got home. I was tired.  

Joi: Morning or night person? 

Dan: Morning person. I definitely like to sleep. 

Joi: When was the last time you cried?

Dan: Last Saturday 

Joi: How do you deal with negativity or hate towards you or the Panthers holistically?

Dan: I just block it out. I don’t really listen to it. 

Joi: Hidden talents?

Dan: No 

Joi: Who do you turn to when you need advice? 

Dan: My dad or my high school counselor. 

Joi: What do you want  to be remembered for? 

Dan: My personality and the fact I always have a smile on my face. 

Joi: One thing you can’t live without? 

Dan: Football 

Joi: Describe your college experience as a student athlete in three words.

Dan: Fun, tiring, excited.

Joi: Any tips for students who strive to make honor roll? 

Dan: Study after every class. Don’t cram everything in at once. 

Joi: What would people be most surprised to hear about you? 

Dan: That’s tough. But I’ve never been fishing.

Joi: Favorite color?

Dan: Red.

Joi: Favorite food?

Dan: Hot wings.

Joi: One thing you could eat the rest of your life? 

Dan: Hot wings.

Joi: How old were you when you started playing football?

Dan: Five.

Joi: Dream NFL team to play for?

Dan: Tennessee Titans.

Joi: Most hostile stadium you’ve ever played in?

Dan: Neyland Stadium.

Joi: Most prized possession in your room?

Dan: My PlayStation 4.

Joi: Who is the best trash talker on the field?

Dan: Remy Lazarus.

Joi: What is it like playing for Shawn Elliott?

Dan: It’s fun, honestly. He always makes sure that it’s fun. 

Joi: Describe your first-ever game of football. 

Dan: I was five. It was really hot. I threw my first touchdown pass that game. 

Joi: Funniest thing to ever happen during a football game? 

Dan: During the Tennessee game, Devin Gentry tried to jump over one of Tennessee’s guys. I was right behind him watching him like, “Oh my gosh, what is he doing?”

Joi: Who is your football inspiration?

Dan: Deshaun Watson.

Joi: Last movie that made you laugh?

Dan: “Rocky,” last night.

Joi: Last movie to make you cry?

Dan: I don’t remember.

Joi: Best advice ever given? 

Dan: Always put your head down and grind. That’s what my dad has always told me. 

Joi: Advice you’d give to your 18-year-old self? 

Dan: Always take advice.

Joi: Last TV show you binge-watched?

Dan: “Chicago PD.”

Joi: Pregame routine?

Dan: I listen to Meek Mill and a few Katy Perry songs. Then, I pray, read a Bible verse, listen to more Meek Mill and wait on coach. 

Joi: Best way to unwind?

Dan: Take a hot shower, play the PlayStation for a little bit and go to sleep. 

Joi: Favorite guilty pleasure song?

Dan: Any Demi Lovato song.

Joi: Sweats or suit?

Dan: Sweats.

Joi: Favorite genre of music? 

Dan: Country.

Joi: One artist you could listen to for the rest of your life?

Dan: Meek Mill.

Joi: Most annoying call in football?

Dan: Holding.

Joi: What attracted you to Georgia State?

Dan: The stadium.

Joi: You go to school in downtown Atlanta. What is the best way to spend a day in the city?

Dan: Explore downtown. I really liked Six Flags and the College Football Hall of Fame.

Joi: Most annoying thing about living in Atlanta?

Dan: The traffic.

Joi: What is the best way to decompress?

Dan: Lock myself in a room.

Joi: Dream job?

Dan: Someone’s offensive coordinator.

Joi: Best pick up line?

Dan: (laughs) I don’t have one.

Joi: Best piece of jewelry?

Dan: My watch.

Joi: Best way to spend a first date?

Dan: Definitely Hibachi.

Joi: Biggest underlying fear?

Dan: I’m scared of snakes. 

Joi: Favorite app?

Dan: Twitter.

Joi: Superpower?

Dan: Time traveling.

Joi: One piece of advice that greatly affected your football career to date?

Dan: Always stand in a straight line. Never too high and never too low. 

Joi: What can fans expect from you and the Panthers this season? 

Dan: Watching us play hard each and every game. We will definitely be playing hard and having fun while doing so.