From ATL to NYC: Former Georgia State student Vern Tremble makes his name known with global soul

Trying to get his name and voice well known in New York City, Vern Tremble credits everything he learned to his professors and mentors at Georgia State University.

After attending the Atlanta school for two years, Tremble had to pack his bags and head back home to Savannah, Ga. to complete his last two years of college somewhere cheaper—at Savannah Arts Academy.

Devastated and disappointed, Tremble was happy he got to spend at least two years absorbing everything he could in Georgia State University’s music program.

“The majority of my music education came from Georgia State. That’s where I learned so much—from voice performance, to music business, to performance etiquette,” Tremble said.

He admitted that Savannah Arts Academy is one of the best music schools in the country, but he will always give credit for his music knowledge to Georgia State.

“The foundation that was set at Georgia State opened up my mind to receive the knowledge I needed to gain for New York.”

Former Georgia State musician Vern Tremble
Georgia State musician Vern Tremble

Today, he resides in New York City.

“I always knew I would move to New York since I was in the sixth grade,” Tremble said. “ I didn’t know how, I didn’t know when, I didn’t know anything, but as a kid I said in my mind I was going to get to New York.”

He went to New York City the same reason why many people go: to get his name well known. And that is exactly what he is doing.

“The response we are getting on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and album release has shown that people are really interested in this type of music we are presenting to the public,” said Tremble.

Combine three different genres of music—R&B;, jazz and soul—and that is where Tremble stands. He calls his music “global soul.”

“It’s a sense of diversity that I want to bring to not only the music, but the fans that come to the shows,” Tremble said. “This is a new thing we are pushing. I can’t say R&B;, and I can’t say soul or jazz because it’s all of those things.”

On opening night, Tremble sold out his first show at The Bitter End, a popular New York venue where Lady Gaga used to preform. Others include The Shine, The Bow Electric, The Cutting Room, Ace Hotel and more.

Currently, being a musician is not Tremble’s full-time job. His daily schedule consists of running from audition to audition and going to work waiting tables at the end of the day, but he hopes in a couple of years that will all change.

Every musician has a different way to how they compose music. Their lyrics can come from experiences or they can wake up with something on their mind like Tremble does on some days.

“I wake up in a state of mind. I’ll be reminded of something in a days past and I’ll get that feeling and with that feeling a song, a melody will start to form.”

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  1. Great article, but just so you know Savannah Arts Academy is a public high school in Savannah, GA. I believe Vern Tremble finished his college courses at Armstrong Atlantic State University. Vern Tremble did attend SAA during his high school years and was a well known student during his years there and even afterward as a successful singer with the school’s music program.

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