Fridays are now even better because of #FAFATL

Design by Camille Bolos | The Signal

Local art participants have been looking to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for exposure and mobility in their community since their beginnings, but recently a new movement has created even more range for hopeful pursuers.

Free Art Friday, or more commonly #FAF, has flooded the gates. Wild goose chases have commenced over the possibility that cultured, talented and popular artists are leaving their art in hidden places for FREE.

During summer break, it seems that Free Art Friday has made its mark in Atlanta and is continually raising the bar for artists to gain traction through #FAFATL.

Artists will drop (leave) stickers, paintings, photos, jewelry and just about any craft in the hopes that someone voyages into the streets to discover it. It’s fun, exciting and ultimately allows the art community to flourish because, regardless of the monetary aspect, people are talking and that’s what will matter.

Here’s how it works: on Fridays, artists will roam the streets looking for familiar or recognizable spots, even speak-easy type places, and will post a picture with the “dropped piece” on a social media platform. Instagram is very popular for this, but Facebook and Twitter drops are out there as well.

Simply search the hashtag #FAFATL, scroll through and click on thumbnails to discover creators and locations. Then, go claim your prize!

Note: This is a really popular activity at the moment, so if you’re planning to embark on a trek, just remember that it might be claimed by a passerby or another #FAF participant. It’s popular (and just right) to claim an item once it is found and taken.

This semester, watch out for #FAFATL drops on campus because there’s bound to be some beauties out there.

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