Freestyle nail art’s role in the Atlanta art scene

As popularity for nail art has grown, more clients are opting to get freestyle designs. Photo Submitted by Jazmin Warren

Nail art allows for wearable self-expression, spanning from gel to acrylic and from small heart designs to mini portraits on more extended sets.

Nail art culture plays a prominent role in the Atlanta art scene. Around the city, people sport manicures with a wide variety of styles, colors, designs and shapes created by nail technicians in shops or from at-home setups.

The city is home to some of the most iconic nail shops such as Poochiez Pawz Nail studio, which was founded by the Atlanta godmother of nails “Poochie” Green Robinson.

The nail art scene has become one of free expression for all ethnicities and races to showcase personality and culture through wearable art.

As the popularity of nail art has grown, more clients are choosing freestyle designs. Freestyle designs give nail technicians full creative freedom to create unique designs for their clients.

Local Atlanta at home nail technician and creator of Nobrokenails Jazmin Warren has used nail art to explore her creativity. Freestyle designs allow her to try more elaborate styles and flex her creative muscles.

“I take creative control and come up with nail looks based on our conversations in the session,” Warren said.

Warren enjoys freestyle nail art because it challenges her to try new styles and bring intricate designs to life.

“I always push myself to try new designs,” she said. “Recently, I had a client who wanted a bandana design, and I found it difficult to get all of the proportions correct in comparison to the reference image.”

Warren enjoys making a client’s nail dreams come true, and she also helps them learn the craft themselves. Warren offers individual and group classes that cover nail preparation, application and reshaping. 

She also offers a “Bring a friend” freestyle set, which includes two bling or custom nails. Bling nails can include gems and charms that allow individual expression.

Nail art allows technicians to express themselves while also allowing clients to loosen control.

Clients are now opting out of simple designs and leaning toward bold sets that mimic artists like Saweetie, who push the boundaries on length and design. 

Nail length and style add to the art form’s versatility, enhancing all sorts of designs with small details.

The use of crystals, colors and line designs allows Warren to develop her most unique looks, ranging from cow prints to streetwear-inspired Bape designs.

The more intricate the design, the more hours are required to bring this art to life, making nail sets time-consuming and unique art pieces for each client and nail technician.

Nail sets primarily cater to clients’ interests but often feature elements that reference the city or things popular in mainstream media and adorned by celebrities.. Many opt to display logos, and/or pop culture references.

The Atlanta nail scene is unique. It features iconic artists and shops that bring individual elements of wearable art that are unseen in other still art mediums.