Football off season: The Dunk Contest

Junior, Robert Davis is No. three all-time Georgia State receiver. Senior, Donovan Harden and Albert Wilson of the Kansas City Chiefs are ahead of him. Photo by Dayne Francis | The Signal

College athletes have a limited amount of free time, but when the students do have a period for leisure- a viral dunk contest emerges.

The chaos began with a simple twitter post by Georgia State’s 5-foot-8 wide receiver Penny Hart.

6-foot-3 wide receiver Robert Davis proceeded to take Hart’s post as a challenge and responded with his own flair.

5-foot-11 cornerback Chandon Sullivan joined in on the action with a 360 windmill jam.

By this point, the Panthers combined for 86 re tweets and 129 likes on Twitter, which brought up the following poll by a Georgia State football recruiting page.

The poll has garnered over 108 votes since it was first posted and even 6-foot-4 defensive end Shawayne Lawerence joined in on the action from a bedroom.

Robert Davis began round two with a bang.

Hart responded from a neighborhood playground.

Sullivan ended the second round with a trio of dunks, which was highlighted by a Michael Jordan-like cradle jam.

As far as the program’s response to the growing competition, Panthers head coach Trent Miles provided his reaction on Ben Moore’s latest podcast.

“Speaking of Chandon Sullivan, did you see his dunk on Twitter? They’re having a little dunk contest going on right now between Penny Hart, Robert Davis and I think (6-foot-5 defensive end) Mackendy Cheridor is going to join in too,” Coach Miles said. “I’m getting in too, because they didn’t say how tall the goal had to be.”

Hart, Davis, Sullivan and the rest of the Georgia State football team will begin the 2016 season at home on Sept. 2 against Ball State.