Food review: G’s Midtown

I must admit that I never had the pleasure of visiting Gilbert’s Café and Bar, but the new and not-necessarily-improved-but-different G’s Midtown is nothing to frown upon.

G’s has a casual, laid-back atmosphere. There’s a giant TV playing music and their accompanying videos. The music is current but not overplayed. Each table has a tiny tea light candle, but it’s not the only light in the room, so you can clearly see the faces of your dinner companions. The vibe is intimate, but not too romantic. However, some guys may prefer to sit at the bar to avoid—God forbid—anyone thinking their male companion is more than a friend.

The 'Dark and Stormy' cocktail
The ‘Dark and Stormy’ cocktail

Although the décor of G’s has a bit of the same feel as a sports bar, the food is definitely more upscale than you’d find at one. The loaded potato wheels—potato slices smothered in cheddar cheese, red onion, smoked tomato and bacon—deliver big time on flavor. The real kickers here are the blue cheese feta crumbles and the jalapeño sour cream.

The 'Cowboy Porkcop'
The ‘Cowboy Porkcop’

The cowboy-style pork chop is also a crowd-pleaser. The star of this dish is the biggest pork chop anyone has ever seen, with a sweet potato mash and asparagus playing supporting roles. The pork is coated in two layers: a butter and herb blend and a well-seasoned breading. The chop is tender and delicious even without the breading and the herb butter sauce served with it is a perfect match.

The sweet potato mash is smooth and not too sweet or overdone. Both those who like lumps in their potatoes and the holier beings who know lumps don’t belong in them can enjoy this dish.

And though it borders on being over-cooked, the asparagus is smoky and juicy. The black pepper seasoning stands out and highlights the vegetable’s natural taste.

G’s also features an array of cocktails and martinis, including a line of “adult” milkshakes spiked with hard liquor. Don’t go for the peanut butter and Jack Daniels milkshake unless you’re a true peanut butter enthusiast. Though you will certainly taste the peanut butter, the Jack Daniels will not be lost on you.

The “dark and stormy” cocktail is different but pleasant. Composed of dark rum, ginger beer and lime juice, the drink is refreshing and sweet. And you definitely get as much alcohol as you pay for.

The service at G’s is fast without being pushy. The staff is friendly and will have you looking forward to your next visit. Protip: Make your visit even better with the 50 percent off Scoutmob for G’s.

Grade: A

Verdict: G’s Midtown is a down-to-earth restaurant with a flavorful menu and exciting alcoholic beverages.