How to fly across the world for under $500

During college, no one stresses to students how important it is for them to travel. It’s always a look into the future, the next step or goal. A lot of people work extremely hard to experience adventures because traveling allows one to indulge in earthly pleasuresnature, cities, cultures, people, languages, and food!

To travel is to engage in an essence of learning. Traveling needs to be encouraged, more so now than ever, so name someone better qualified than a person under 25-years-old, who’s not yet settled in a career and has a sponge-like heart and mind for this world!

It’s very easy to find the benefits of traveling, but the scariest part about traveling is the money. A lot of people are turned off by the subject solely because of the monetary threat that hangs around the idea of leaving behind responsibilities and bills. It’s totally understandable, but it’s unnecessary.

Oh, the places you’ll go, once you know

The internet is a scary place most of the time, but please, fear no more as Scott’s Cheap Flights is a safe place and is going to make some dreams come true. All that is required on your part is not having a fear of flying (important) and subscribing to a free email service that sends one to four (sometimes more) flight destinations to your email address each week.

Scott’s Cheap Flights offers flight fares that are incredibly low in comparison to average pricings with sometimes a $400-$700 difference. No longer is it going to be thousands of dollars to get to Paris, Greece or any otherworldly destination. The owner of Scott’s Cheap Flights, who we presume is named Scott, acts out of the kindness of his heart to find airlines’ “mistakes” in ticket pricing and then makes those known to the public through the email listings.

The tickets are legit, so no third parties are involved when booking the flights because it’s all listed through Google Flights. All of the destinations are international. From the Caribbean to Europe to Asia to down under (Australia, that is), Scott sends some of the most spectacular flights in prices and destination.  

When you receive an email, here is what it will entail:

-The cost of the tickets vs. the original price (best part, $$$)

-Departure cities for the destination (there are usually 3-15 cities: Boston, Atlanta, New York, Cincinnati, etc.)

-When the tickets are available at this price during the year (holidays, summer-peak, etc.)

-Airlines being tracked

-How long the ticket fares will last (usually between a few hours to a couple of days—these are guesstimates on Scott’s part)

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  1. Create solutions and manage your money and time consecutively:
    1. Even if you don’t live in the departure city, you should always consider booking a cheap bus ticket to that city in order to obtain the cheap international flight ticket.
  2. If you’re not ready to book or spend the money, use the emails as examples for future planning:
    1. Scott offers great tips and secrets within each body. You might have to scroll through some stuff, but there’s future gold waiting.
  3. Never stop trying to travel. Keep looking and planning.

Someone instilled a bad juju on traveling that has caught up to the people. Seeing the world doesn’t have to break the bank thanks to sites and similar services as such.

For all the adventure “aficionados,” Scott offers a one-time subscription charge in exchange for even more exclusive flight deals, but everything listed above is the free option. It’s convenient, easily accessible and oh-so tempting.