Fatal shootings take place near Georgia State campus

Two separate fatal shootings took place in the downtown Atlanta area Sept. 23, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC).

Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office identified the first victim as 26-year-old Deonte Rogers. Rogers was shot near Piedmont and Auburn avenues and later died after being transported to a hospital, according to the AJC.

Two suspects were seen running from the scene and authorities are searching for those who they believe targeted the victim, according to the AJC.

“We don’t believe it was random,” Atlanta Police homicide unit commander Capt. Paul Guerrucci told the AJC. “We believe that the victim was specifically targeted for one reason or another.”

Hours later, another man was found dead inside of a car along Campbellton and Stanton Roads. Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office identified him as 29-year-old Antonio Clements, according to the AJC.

Student Idalia Vazquez said she is concerned about her and her sister’s safety as violent incidents, such as stabbings and shootings, move closer to campus.

“I don’t feel secure because anyone can walk in and out of buildings and no one is there to stop them,” she said, “First [the] Woodruff Park incident and now this shooting, and honestly I don’t see any security around campus.”

Biology student, Christopher Patterson, said we are in the middle of a major city where violence can occur during the day, endangering students’ lives.

“We are in the middle of giant city where there are a lot of people,” Patterson said. “Campus is not blocked off to people who may be carrying around weapons, it wil be great if they do something to block those who are not students.”

Investigators have not released the motive behind the shootings yet, according to the AJC.