Fall is here and it’s time to slay

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It seems like it was just moments ago that everyone was basking in the sun enjoying summer ‘17, but now fall is here and it is time to slay! With so much going on like budgeting, getting settled in and re-adjusting our alarm clocks for class, spending a ton of money on new clothes this season might be the furthest thing from a college student’s mind. All anyone needs to spruce up their wardrobe this fall is a little creative, budget friendly shopping and helpful tips to get the job done.

Accessories: All that glitter isn’t gold

Accessories have the power to make or break an outfit and create an artistic expression, to say the least. One of the most important things to realize when accessorizing is that all that glitter does not have to be gold…there are also silvers, metallic, lace, rose gold and neons. All these and more are some of the many options to choose from in the case of the choker.

Photo by Vanessa Johnson | The Signal

The Choker is a classic wardrobe piece that many may associate with the 90’s era and has made a triumphant comeback for quite some time now. Of course, the standard black tattoo styled choker is a staple in most stores, however, there are now various options available that anyone can wear whether they are dressing up or just running around on campus. Metal, silver and gold tone chokers are perfect for those presentation days, date nights or a night out on the town with your friends and will give a glammed up look to anyone trying to make a bold statement. When it comes to the more toned down, everyday choker, retail giant Forever21 has a variety of choker necklaces to choose from with prices ranging from $2.06 – $26.60.

Fishnet tights have played a large role in fashion history as it has shown up in both the 80’s and streetwear fashion. Today, this edgy accessory not only comes in tights but ankle and over the knee socks. The classic fishnet tights can easily be paired with a feminine dress, a school boy blazer or an old pair of ripped jeans to give the outfit a sharp look. The ankle socks, which can be bought at Forever21 as well for around $4, come in a variety of colors, including neon, and would pair well with plain tennis shoes.

How to stay on top

It is obvious that any back to school outfit would be incomplete without the perfect top. With that being said, two trending tops for this fall that can be mixed and matched for days are off the shoulder tops and the classic denim jacket.

Off the shoulder tops have taken over this season and everyone from Rihanna to the girl in class is wearing them. The great thing about these tops is that they are free flowing, feminine and effortless. If accessories aren’t your thing, then this style will be! Because of the statement appeal, it requires few accessories. This top can come in just about any print or pattern, including the classics such as gingham (checkered print), sheer florals and scalloped trim. These tops can easily be found at stores like TJMaxx, Ross or Marshall’s at a fraction of the price major retailers may charge. The off the shoulder look can also be an easy DIY project as long as there is an old t-shirt and some scissors handy. With a few measurements here and there, anyone can simply cut around the collar, apply a few holes for detailing, splash a bit of bleach on the shirt (purposely for a tie-dye appeal) and voila!

Denim jackets have never truly left the fashion scene, and that’s really no surprise. In fact, the all-American look has so many amped up versions these days! Now, there are stores selling them with patchwork designs, roses, rips and red hues, which of course also amps up the price. Luckily there are a variety of ways stay within a college student’s budget to achieve this look without paying an outlandish amount of money. These jackets can easily be found at a thrift shop for a small price! If thrifting isn’t your thing maybe you have a cool relative that doesn’t have a need for their old denim piece and you can spruce it up with your own DIY design with fabric paint, patchwork or the like from your local arts and crafts store.

Photo by Vanessa Johnson | The Signal

Taming the tresses

This task can sometimes be a huge hassle while trying to get the rest of your life together for a busy day on campus. Luckily, there are many styles available that are quick, easy and fun. All that’s needed is YouTube and a personal touch.

Ponytails and velvet bows have made their way onto runways this season. Whether it’s a slicked-back, middle-parted low pony with a black piece of velvet tied around it or a half-up pony with a huge velvet bow stuck to it. High ponytails, low ponytails, parted down the side, down the middle, slicked-back or pumped up, these babies are fun, simple, easy and can be dressed up or dressed down. Velvet bows can also easily be cut from a piece of fabric and handmade!

The Ninja Bun also referred to as the “top-knot” bun is essentially a bun positioned at the top of an individual’s head in a swirled, tapered shape. The wonderful thing about this style is that it is so universal, versatile and easy to do a student can literally go from the gym to a classroom and from work to a party just like that.


The beautiful thing about all of these trends and fashion classics it that they speak to everyone as they are easy, fun and of course frugal. With these tips in hand, students all around campus will be slaying to the fashion gods while keeping their pockets a little bit fatter.


How to expand your wardrobe and shop smart:

  1. Where to shop: TJmaxx, Marshall’s and Ross. They sell quality apparel and accessories from retail giants and designers at a fraction of the price.
  2. Invest in classic wardrobe staples: neutral shoes, a classic cut pair of Levi’s and a little black dress. You’ll always need these!
  3. Shop the clearance rack: it saves shoppers money and is an opportunity to score some unique pieces!
  4. Be creative and HAVE FUN!