From exercise to writing: Get to know Georgia State’s clubs

Photo by Tammy Huynh | The Signal

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Georgia State University has a myriad of student run-organizations, just ask anyone who has been to Org Fair! Joining any one of these diverse clubs can open the door to fun events and activities as well as the opportunity to make new friends with shared interests. Here are but a few from hundreds to choose from.

Filipino Student Association

One of the most diverse cultural organizations, the Filipino Student Organization is known for organizing events like Culture Shock and Def Talent Jam dance competitions as well as setting up community service opportunities for its members. With networks in all of Atlanta’s major universities, opportunities to build relationships with others of the same culture – whether those are students, teachers, or employers – are countless. Members from all backgrounds bond over appreciation of Filipino culture whilst being a part of a surrogate family, and reviving the traditions and appreciation of their heritage through these events.

Sustainable Energy Tribe

A student-run grassroots organization, this tribe takes it upon itself to educate its members and others about the environment and efforts to conserve our ailing planet. Members of the tribe partake in camping trips and solar-powered concerts on top of their main objective: to spread the word about recycling and energy conservation and to have a variety of members bring in different types of expertise to the table. The organization also works with the university’s student government body to create eco-friendly legislation and start campus-wide initiatives for the benefit of the environment.

Powerlifting Club

Lifting weights is often thought of as an individual activity,  but this new sports club makes lifting a group activity with like-minded members who can help you achieve your goals by teaching and guiding you about the proper way to squat, bench, and deadlift. Once a week the powerlifting group makes its way to a separate gym, Citadel Nutrition Training Center, designed as a space specifically for these powerful strength-building lifts. Form and progress are emphasized and members range from enthusiasts to participants in meets where you can set new PRs with support from a community of lifters.

Panther’s Pantry

Panther’s Pantry is made up of determined individuals with the objective of making food available to students in need of assistance by providing free nutritious meals. They depend on donations and volunteers from the student body and faculty. Located in Parking Lot B under the Urban Life Building, this organization uses small contributions to make a great big difference in the lives of students with limited means. Non-perishable donations such as canned vegetables, pasta and canned meats are always appreciated.


Underground is an Arts and Literary Magazine that publishes a breathtaking compilation every semester with art, photography, poetry, and prose submissions from the student body. Its team of editors consist of down-to earth beauty-loving members who organize showcases and creative activities for students as well as prepare the journal for publication along with its online component. This small team works to publish works of aspiring artists of all types.

Creative Writing Collective

With its own creative space in the English Lounge, CWC is a safe space for writers and poets to grab coffee and conversation with a chance to partake in collaboration and projects. They also host guest poets and short story writers for showcases and readings as well as creative writing workshops to help students explore genres and literary themes.