Editorial: Traveling is the way to go

Photo by Unique Rodriguez | The Signal

Hans Christian Andersen wrote, “To travel is to live,” and how right was he! Truly underestimated, the powers of traveling are immensely invaluable and can cure absolutely anything–most notably, ignorance.

Spending time in other parts of the world not only allows us to dive deep into the history of other lands first-hand, but it also allows us to experience other cultures and mannerisms of people across the world. Admittedly, many of us can get lost in the size of the U.S. and fool ourselves into thinking this is all there is, or perhaps, this is the best there is. But is that fair? And is that healthy?

Thousands of years older than this continent, Europe holds century-old treasures, religious monuments and ruins reminiscent of battles in the B.C. Across countries in Africa and Asia, tribes and secret legends reveal spiritual mysteries, riches of the earth but also powerfully developed countries and peoples. Australia, New Zealand, the North Pole, dot-sized islands– the list of destinations is endless, and so the challenge isn’t posed by finding a spot to explore, but understanding why exploring it is important.

Our experiences–prepare for the cliché but truth–are the greatest riches we carry with us. Perfumes and shoes and houses and clothes all fade or get lost and don’t matter when it comes to bettering you as a person. But having talked with people you don’t speak the same language with, touching things you’ve only seen in postcards, and walking on trails from the past allow you to unlock more parts of your mind and be perceptive about what this world holds and how other people think.

And why is that important? Because understanding how people think can make you a more thoughtful, well-rounded person who’s not eager to judge and can understand that one’s opinion is a drop in the ocean (something somewhat forgotten in today’s social and political atmospheres).

We can promise that a good get-away trip can up your psychology, improve your outlook on life, and often leave you with great friendships (especially if you travel alone)! Sure, having savings is important, and sure, paying off your car payments and being on time with your rent are just as crucial, but start putting that jar of money aside to start planning for a trip. The experiences you garner, the stories you’ll hear and the things you’ll see may likely be something you don’t want to be missing out on.

Get out of your comfort zone and pack a bag. And if you can’t find a buddy, go by yourself! Spending some you-time is nothing to be ashamed of, and you’ll find yourself digging up courage you never thought you had! And if the cash is what’s stressing you out, check out our centerspread on tips about how you can travel on a low budget!